Human Mirrors

May 13, 2009 at 9:25 am (Opinion) (, )

When I wakeup in the morning, the first thing I do is go to my bathroom that is equipped with a huge mirror with lights all around it, to give me a very clear detailed reflection of myself. After I finish from the bathroom I go to the dressing room which is also equipped with not one, but three huge mirrors that enables me to see my whole body from every angle. I guess what I want to say is that I have enough mirrors in my room that makes me 100% sure of how I look like before I leave the house. So, if I have a spot on my face, I already know about it. If I look tired or my hair is messy, I already know about it.


When I go out, it seems that the first thing people would notice about me is my flaws. And they usually make sure to let me know that they have noticed it, and also make sure that I noticed it. The way they point out my dark circles or spot seems like they are giving me knowledge of something that I am completely obliviant about.


What am I supposed to answer someone who asks me or informs me. “oh … you have a spot on your face? Why?”. And they usually say it with a petty tone, poor you, ugly with spots on your face! I have suffered from these comments during my teenage years when I had sever acne break out. I was already emotionally and mentally disturbed because of this problem, I didn’t need people reemphasizing it several times a day. Its not like I have control over it, its not like I have a choice, so why ask “why” I havea spot! Maybe I should answer “I got sick of my clear skin so I decided to have acne for change!”.


Now that my acne problem is solved, I have another thing people are bugging me about, my dark circles that miraculously show only when I don’t have enough sleep or felt tired. There is a girl at work whose expertee is to let me know that I look tired and that my dark circles are so obvious. After letting me know of her observation she asks “are you tired?”. Lah Lah! Ok! Then what! What kind of answer she expects.  “yes I am tired! Wow am surprised it shows on my face! I thought staying up late doesn’t make the dark circles under my eyes show!”.


 I have already seen my face on the huge mirrors I have at home a hundred times before I came to work. I am aware of how I look like, there is no need to let me know. It always sound as if they are getting my attention to something that I have missed! Seriously!

People who are fat, already know it. People who have skin problems already know it. People who look tried for whatever reason, already know it. There is nothing they can do about it, and they are not harming others with their looks. So why cant we respect them and leave them in peace?


Only people who smell bad seems to not to know about it, and they are the only people we don’t dare informing of their flaw. Even though their smell harms and bother others. But for some reason, we accept their flaws and don’t bother them about it every day! Why, because its private!



  1. Anonymous said,

    Diva in da house lool

    hahahahahahaha u r hilarious loool

    I know how sesetive this issue to u .. I will never forget when u bursted out loud in essex .. we were in the kitchen n saso told u .. u have acne hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that was so so funny kekekekekekeke
    u said the exact thing .. I got sick of my clear skin so I decided to have acne looooooooool I swear that was somthing else .. ya I think one time with fahood the same thing happend loooool .. walla ayam

    well tell u r PR anesa KONAN to go find somthing useful to do with her life .. it seems like she is very observant tell her to use in a better way loool ..

    loool there is this thing that kinda always happens to me .. like I am not aware of that .. I seem to iretate the hell out of some people that they have the urge to tell me that I am Black “al khala” like I am not aware of that fact .. or maybe in one night I turned this way .. looooool 7mdellah oo ilsker

    walla people need better things to fill their times with .. other than being harmful in this way

    • mimizwords said,

      Re: Diva in da house lool

      hahahahah thats so funny .. suddenly turning black on one night .. hahahahahahaha

  2. Mashael K. said,

    everything you wrote here is right …some people can be rude

    i have suffered from a broken nose since childhood until i became 18 then i had an operation ..
    i wont talk about the internal pain and the external landscape and how always i was embaressed of my look ..i had some health problems like breathing
    all that wasn’t annoying to me like the way people ask me .about my nose
    and always when i have a problem with some one or i fight with someone theres always 2 reseans ..1 they made a joke about how i look..2 we argued about something and the first insult they gave me has to be something in my face
    these things can show how people are raised
    for me i never cared about the outside … i consider myself very lucky for living with this for 18 years..i don’t judge the outside look or even ask about it
    because all the time ..people who asks these questions mybe they have no clue what others is suffering from and how hurtful it can be…every one is aware about how they look
    sometimes i tell people it’s okey if you want to criticise my clothes or make up …but don’t criticise my face or body …because it’s from allah
    every one is beautiful in their own way
    i loved to share some of my experience with you
    thank you

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