K and his pointy Prada shoes

June 14, 2009 at 7:35 am (Just a thought ...) ()

Dear K, I found this saved in my documents. I couldnt stop laughing, we never finished the story. How about we do?

Dear everyone, this story started as a bedtime story that was never finished, feel free to write the events of what happens next. There is no limit, let your mind wonder and write whatever you want.

The start:

I was sitting at the office when I heard some noise outside. People suddenly came in and started shouting that there is a cockroach in the building. People gathered around that cockroach thinking of ways to kill it. One said “lets get a Piff Paff”. But everyone knew that this wont work because the sneaky cockroach must have developed immunity against it. We all know that those little disgusting creatures are smart because they are the only species that survived since the big bang! One man said “lets go to M and ask her to flirt with the sneaky cockroach and ask him to leave”. But M did not want to do it, because she had cockroach phobia. So the only solution was to hit him with a shoe. People said “we need a big shoe .. who has big feet?” and you know what they say about big feet! One shouted “K has big feet so he must have big shoes”.

So everyone came to my office and said “K, K you must give us your shoes we want to kill the cockroach!” I said “what? Am not giving you my Prada pointy shoes to kill a stinky cockroach!”

After begging me, I decided to give it to them. And finally they killed the sneaky cockroach and won. I wanted my shoes back but someone threw it away! I was mad, so I left the office and went out trying to look for it wearing only one shoe on my left foot. Suddenly I found myself in the “dead sea” forst. It is called the dead sea forest because when the wend blows the trees move like waves and everyone who goes in never comes back. I didn’t care, I wanted to find my shoes. I kept looking and looking and going deeper and deeper in the dead sea forest. Suddenly, I saw a short strange looking boy with pale skin, silver hair and red eyes. M would have loved if he was a vampire but he wasn’t!  He who was eyeing me with suspicious looks. I stopped and asked the short kid “hey, I don’t know where I am, do you know how to get out of here”. He didn’t answer me, kept staring! So I spoke again “hey I am talking to you!” he was still quiet and giving me doubting looks. Then I said “listen. I am looking for my Prada  pointy shoe, have you seen it?” The boy burst and gasped taking a deep shocking breath as if he have seen a ghost. His eyes were wide open and his jaw was dropped wide open too. After few moments of mesmerizing me he spoke and said “the shoe is yours!” I said trying to comprehend the reason of his surprise “um .. yes!” then he said “what are you doing here?” I said “ I want my shoes back.. if you know where it is tell me”. “



  1. Homme du Qatar said,

    it’s like a 4th dimension story with a comedy thriller aspect.. I hope random K would find his shoes, but I think the shoe is hunted by the evil cockroch spirit, and become the demon of that world! lol

  2. intlxpatr said,

    “I can’t tell you, but I can show you,” he said, turning suddenly and running silently back into the forest, turning back only to call “follow me!”

    “Follow him? What is going on here?” I think to myself, wondering if somehow I crossed the line into another dimension, and this pale sprite is the re-incarnation of the smashed cockroach, eager to take vengence on the owner of the shoe that squashed him.

    In spite of my better judgement, in spite of the warnings blaring in my head, I followed.


  3. Dany said,

    What the…

    Just don’t get it

  4. Homme du Qatar said,

    I was feeling resistance, a wierd feeling or red and black was going through my viens, as I walking through the dark forest.. but all I could do, was go with the flow.. I really wanted to get my shoes back.. even my big toe started showing throw my socks, and that wasn’t cool.. I kept walking behind the kid.. ascending on a mountain.. reaching almost the clouds.. slowly, the kid stopped infront of a wall.. it was a buddhist temple with palm tree around it.. the kid stopped, and looked me straight in the eyes and said: “Master of the big shoes.. I leave you here, as my journey ends, but you will need this..” he handed me a shoe lace and silver blade shoe horn.. Then followed: ” please defeat the evil monster, as these lands haven’t seen the light of the sun in ages..” what the hell is this kid talking about, I wondered.. so I started walking around the wall, looking for a door, or window.. or even a ring!

  5. Nas said,

    Spooky! what people do for Prada! 😛

  6. mimizwords said,

    There was no entrance, no doors, no windows, just a round shape building of stones. Everything about this place was spooky, the silence, the air, even the trees. They had a strange shade of green, a spooky shade of green. Everything was a blur, not clear, like a small layer of fog was covering the place. i felt like i was wearing dirty glasses, but i wasnt, i wished that i had a mop to clear the vision and remove the fog. as i was circling the building wondering what the hell am i going to do with a shoe lace and a silver blade shoe horn! i suddenly heard a movment from an ugly green bush not so far from the round temple. I thought “ok, i had enough of this bs, i want my shoes right now and i want to go back to the office, enough games already”. something was starting to approach me from that bush, i was scared for a minute, ready to attack in case it was a monstor, but it was a cockroach! i laughed at myself, and was ready so squash this cockroach with my other shoe when i suddenly heard him say in a deep voice, that was like an anchor at news station voice saying “clam down K, i am not your enemy, kill me and you will kill your chance to get your shoe back, My name is chanda, you know my brother, he was killed with your shoe”

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