My skill is making fart sounds!

June 18, 2009 at 8:57 am (Just a thought ...)

I once was asked “tell me something you can do very well, a skill or a talent”. I didn’t know what to say, something I do very well? I play piano, but not very well. I like sports, but depends on my mood, I type very fast, but not fast enough, I don’t know how to put nice makeup or do my hair like my sisters can,,, hmmm what skill do I have? I know, I can make very very good farting sounds with my cheeks! Yes, farting sounds! I don’t know how I started it or even why! but I do it at the most unexpected times; when I am sitting with a bunch of people and feeling so board, or when I am thinking of something. Believe it or not I do this unconsciously sometimes! But what I like the most when I do it is people’s reaction. I realized that there are two types of people; uptight boring people, or fun easy going people. Those who are uptight would take it as an offense, or think of me as crazy, the others would laugh and ask me to do it again. sometimes, I do it on purpose to annoy some people that I don’t like. I don’t see it harming anyone coz it doesn’t come with a smell.


I am not sure if it was my little brother who taught me this or if I just discovered this (skill?) by coincidence while both of us were kidding around. We usually do silly things together, like create a song or a special way to salute each other. I think that when my mom was pregnant with me, half of my spirit stayed in her womb and clinged to my little brother. we are so much a like; in the way we think, speak and behave. He gets me better than my sisters. Even though we are so much a like we look so different. His skin is much darker than mine, he has very black straight silky hair, while mine is wavy brown. He has a round face while I have an oval shape face. His eyes stretches upwards while mine are downwards,  He has a cute tiny nose while I have a long one, he has plumpy lips while mine are thin. The only thing we have in common is our chin. its the family trademark. My little brother, my other half, we simply understand each other. He likes learning foreign languages, he has many friends and likes to lead. I can also see that he could be selfish and arrogant, just like me. I preach him about being modest, then I look at myself and think that I better preach myself first.



Making farting sounds might reflect the fact that I just like to laugh, find the good and funny in everything. Or it might give the impression that I don’t take everything or everyone seriously and I do stupid things without thinking of their consequences. What ever it might say about me, it will also reflect how other’s perceive life; too serious or easy going. Whenever we comment on other’s behavior or opinions, we are commenting on ours at the same time without even realizing it.




  1. dany said,

    nnnn…..nicee 😀

  2. Homme du Qatar said,

    I admire your skill, it’s funny, but this also was my philosophy of ending a bad date!

  3. Nas said,

    Well then fart away!

    My talent would be…sarcasm. You can even call Sarcasma!

  4. Nas said,

    I find that I’m very good at travelling. I’m not sure if it’s a ‘skill’ or ‘talent’ though. And there’s a downside to it- coming back!

  5. Mashael K. said,

    will thats diffecult and unique skill ..the topic is so cute and funny
    it’s very sweet what you wrote about your brother you have to show him ,he will love you more for sure 😉

  6. Dr. said,

    LOL u r unbelievable. I am discovering more and more of your simple noble respectful soul!

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