How did Rodah become a health Freak?

June 22, 2009 at 7:58 am (Everyday life situations) (, )

One night Rodah woke up feeling thirsty and couldn’t find any water near her. The thought of getting out of bed and going to the kitchen downstairs was as awful as her feelings of thirst. And since that night, she never slept without making sure that she has a 1 liter of bottled water next to her. But this is not the only reason that made water important to her. When she was a teenager, she read somewhere that drinking water in the morning helps the body get rid of toxins. More than ten years has passed since she read this information, and not a day has passed by without starting it with her water ritual.


Then another healthy routine starts. She eats seven poppy seeds because it was one of the things recommended by the prophet. It strengthen the immune system and has endless benefits. Then she prepares a mug of hot water, lemon and honey. Lemon is important because it cleans the body; aids with digestion; prevents bloating;  and is natural strengthening agent to the liver enzymes. Honey on the other hand is one of the things recommended by the prophet, so it must be good! It balances sugar level in the body; provides energy and purify the body because of its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial elements. After she enjoys her drink, she hits the shower. When she is done showering and slathering her body with baby oil (the best body moisturizer ever) the first thing she puts even before the deodorant and musk is her sun block. According to her readings about sun block and its importance; she knows that it takes 20 minutes for it to work so she makes sure to give it the time it needs. But this is not enough, she also puts a moisturizer because she read that in her age the skin needs moisturizing more than anything else. And that is another reason why she drinks a lot of water. When she gets ready. She leaves her pretty pink room and goes downstairs to have breakfast. Rodah never ever leaves without having breakfast. She knows that not having a good breakfast will crash the sugar balance in her body which will make her crave sugar in the middle of the day; it will also make her lazy and tired and will deprive her brain from the energy it needs to start the day. Thus, to avoid all of this, she spares few minutes to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. She first eats protein, which is three egg white and one yolk mixed with seeds. Seeds are full of  healthy fats; calcium and other minerals. Then she takes the rest of her breakfast; which is fruit, to work because she doesn’t have enough time to finish it at home. Before she leaves to work, she takes some anti-oxidant tablets and fish oil. No need to mention the magnificent benefit of fish oil for skin. It might not show now, but it will sure show when she grows up! The reason she eats the protein fist then fiber is that if you do the opposite, the body doesn’t absorb the protein as it should. Moreover, fiber helps digestion. 

At work, her colleagues try to offer her breakfast, which looks more like lunch to her. Sandwiches, pies, beans, hammous with grounded meet, yes meet in the morning!  She refuses to eat any of that because she simply had already had breakfast. Plus, she is not so keen on eating white flour products because it makes her feel bloated; she prefers whole wheat. However, her colleagues accuse her of being anorexic for not eating food high in carbs and fat! Rodah then sits on her desk, trying to do some work while drinking chamomile tea that helps to calm her down and detox her body. When she doesn’t have work, she prefers to read. She might eat one piece of chocolate on occasions, or enjoy a nice cup of coffee, but not everyday. As soon as she gets off work, she hits the gym. She knows that if she didn’t go to the gym while the sun is up, she wont go at all. She hates it sometimes; and has endless dialogues with herself to force herself to go. She knows that if she wants to keep that nice figure she has to work it out! Nothing is easy. But its not only her figure that she thinks of; she always thinks of the future. She knows that exercising will enable her to lead a healthy life; give her a nice posture and energy. But most importantly, it will prevent saggy bobs and saggy tummy if she will ever give birth. Having strong muscles in her abs will enable her to give an easy birth and get back into shape in no time in the future. So off she goes to the gym, listening to her brother’s play list on her ipod to boost her mood for exercising. She starts her program with focus, but sometimes she get interrupted by women asking her “why do you exercise? you are so skinny!”. Rodah feels so mad, she thinks “I am not skinny!”. She wants to give those ladies a lecture about how exercise is not just to loose weight but to maintain a healthy life style in the present and future, but she knows that someone who asked such stupid questions will never understand the concept of healthy life style! She wants to say “so that I don’t become fat like you”. She wants to say that so bad, but its wrong, and rude and would hurt people’s feeling. So she decides not to answer; she  just gives them a look that says “leave me alone” and smiles so that she doesn’t seem rude. Then they answers their own question and say “to stay fit?”. Rodah tries to keep her mouth shut. She just nodes and thinks “no, to be horribly skinny!”. Then someone would always say “if I were you, I would eat whatever I want”. Rodah keeps quiet, still smiling and moving away to the other end of the gym.


By the time she is done with the gym she is starving. On the way home, all she thinks about is “What did liza cook for me today?”. Lunch, Lunch, Lunch. That is all she is thinking about, she is almost drewling! Once she arrives home, she goes to the kitchen directly. She throws her Abaya away, and looks for her plate that is usually left in the microwave. Her lunch is usually different than what everyone else eats. It must be fish with vegetables or salad. It might seem dull, but she has bought so many cooking books to find the most delicious recipes for fish and vegetables. Who said that healthy food should be tasteless? In fact, what she cares about is the taste; the quality of what she eats not the quantity. After lunch, she takes fish oil tablets, and one spoon of flax seeds. Flax seeds are rich in soluble fiber and contain high quality protein; vitamins B-1, B-2, C and E, and minerals iron and zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. She drinks water two hours after lunch, and never ever drinks fizzy drinks because they are high in sugar; make her bloated and has many artificial harmful ingredients that harms the body. But she actually stopped drinking fizzy drinks when she was in the fifth grade because her mother told her that fizzy drinks and staying up all night effects growth. Most of her friends were taller than her, and she wanted to be tall, so she replaced fizzy drinks with milk and Ovalteen. Then she heard about how fizzy drinks could be used for cleaning and unblocking sewage! She was glad that she learnt to dislike them.

 The day starts to slow down, she goes to do whatever needs to be done. Drinking more water, and eating fruit for snacks. Dinner is usually eaten early, and its usually light. Before she goes to bed, she takes off whatever make up she has left because she knows the dangers of sleeping with makeup on her skin. Then she puts the night cream, brushes and flosses her teeth and goes to bed.

This picture might seem perfect, doesn’t it? But Rodah has a reason to be such a health freak; so aware of her image. When she was in the fifth grade she had sever measles which completely destroyed her skin. Even though her skin looked normal after she was cured, it was damaged from the inside.

 When puberty hit! Acne came. Sever acne that lasted for years and years. It almost covered half of her body. It used to hurt! Yes hurt, she wouldn’t be able to sleep because her back was covered with it. Her face used to itch, and the more she itch, the worse it gets. It was an ugly disgusting picture. All she wanted is to look normal. To make people stop looking at her face with disgusted or curious looks as if she was some kind of a freak. She got so exhausted going from doctor to doctor trying to find something that will make this terrible ugly acne go away. She allowed doctors to experiment on her hoping that she will find a solution, but that just made it worse. She was exhausted from people pointing out at her pimples, making fun of her, asking her stupid questions “why do you have acne?” as if she its something she chooses to have! She stopped eating junk food, anything with sugar or fat. But still the acne didn’t go away. She was almost 20 and acne still didn’t go away. It was very emotional, very tiring and no one understood how much energy and will it took from her. And one day she discovered a pill that had serious side effects. But that pill was the only solution; and she endured the side effects for six months. The story didn’t end. She had to go through the same treatment, not only once, not twice, but three times. During treatment, her face used to be very sensitive, so it was red all the time which made people stare even more.  On top of that, it was peeling. She used to have what looked like dandruff on her Abaya but  that was her face peeling, not hair dandruff. She was so dry, like a wooden stick in the desert. Her lips were covered with blood because they were severely dry. She had sudden muscle cramps; headaches; nausea. And still people kept pointing, laughing and asking stupid questions. The treatment worn out her liver, and now she has to be on a strict diet to get rid of all the chemicals and toxins that those pills brought. 

 Her daily routines might seem pretty; she might seem to enjoy them. But its something she has to do, she is far away from being perfect. It is tiring to keep up all of these routines. Sometimes, she simply takes a break, but not for too long because the ghost of acne is always in the back of her mind, reminding her of what she used to be.

 Her problem with acne made her learn so much about health related issues until she became the guru of health among her friends. The best thing she discovered so far is Dr. Perricone diet. It is a whole program of exercise, food, application and supplement for those who cannot endure heavy pill treatment.


Every thing is possible, but nothing comes easy.



  1. Dany said,

    AAhh.. zitzs period… good time…. golden time….

    The good ol time, the sensation when I felt something squirting out of my face and then hits the mirror, it can really relieve me of stress from studying

    I still remember my mother keeps getting angry and keep telling me not to dirtied the mirror with my zits

    Is it only me (because I have a really messed teen age period, thanks to my brothers it is) or girls and guys have a whole different opinion when it come to zits

  2. Homme du Qatar said,

    This is a nice peace about how to maintain a healthy life style, and stay in shape.. what about Rodha’s emotions and feelings? how does she maintains that? life has two folds, that was one, and very interesting one, I think I might try some of these herbal and pills you got written over there..

  3. Homme du Qatar said,

    Also, two more questions for Rodha, how does she stay on track, and when she take a break, how does she get back? and what’s driving this comitment? life is not suppose to be some sort of perfect trip, I think everyone needs to take some risk.. right?

  4. mimizwords said,

    Homme du Qatar

    well, about her feelings, you will have to ask her. and about motivation, she tries to put short term and long term goals, for example, she always has an event that she must look good for. Another thing is that she looks at older women around her and thinks of the future and how she might look like. Of course she takes breaks, she gets board, so she allowes herself breaks every once in a while. but not for so long

  5. Homme du Qatar said,

    I appreciate your respond.. seems reasonable enough to be healthy and to look good is a good driving force, but for most of us it doesn’t seem enough to keep us focused. And to be in that zone takes a lot of energy and I admire that.


  6. Mashael K. said,

    mashallah thats really a very healthy life style…Unfortunately, I have the same problem
    i became vegetrian before 3 days..i’m trying to be more healthy because like her i faced many health problems…your message here is very clear and great,,honestly i benefited alot from it ..
    thank you

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