For Mannoor, and the Kingdom of Bahrain, I love you

June 28, 2009 at 10:40 am (Diary) (, , , )

I have a unique history with Bahrain. Gosh I love this country and its people. I immediately feel relaxed once I set foot on this small Kingdom. I first went to Bahrain in winter 2006, once in 2007, once in 2008, once last April and last weekend. Each visit was short but carried so many memories full of laughter and fun. I love all the creative restaurants and traditional shops they have; I love their shopping malls and beaches. But what I love the most is the people and the atmosphere they create. So simple, so kind and honest. No one interferes with other’s personal affairs; no one stare at others in cafes; no one comments on and judges other’s life style. You can be yourself; you can feel so relaxed; you can go out without being harassed; you can wear what you want without being judged; you can smile at people and they wont expect that you have bad intentions behind your smile. Of course I have met my share of arrogant and bitchy Bahrainis, but those have deflected genes.


I went to Bahrain last weekend for one of my best friend’s wedding. I don’t think I will ever attend a wedding like it, and I don’t think that anyone deserves a wedding like it but her. My friend Moneera is the kindest most compassionate honest person I have known. Everyone loves her for her unique kindness; for her radiant soul; for her beautiful laugh. She is everyone’s best friend, she is always there for everyone and she always spreads happiness where ever she goes. She is the antidote for sadness and boredom! A girl full of life and laughter. I always wonder how a tiny girl like her radiates with such positive energy and happiness, how could her tiny body carry so much sunshine. But this is her, this is my tiny pretty friend.


Her wedding was a fairy tail and she was the fairy covered in gold. I wouldn’t do her just if I tried to describe her graceful dress with its long tail; or her brilliantly simple makeup and hair. Everything was so simple, so elegant. So opposite of what I am used to see here. Even the wedding hall and the guests, everything was in harmony because they all shared one ingredient, which is simplicity with sprinkles of compassion for the bride. Her wedding, a Bahraini wedding was very different from anything I have seen in Qatar. It was fun, extremely fun! Everyone was dancing, everyone was happy. And even those who were just sitting on the table were clapping and waving their hands. Then the groom came in with a band of men behind him singing and playing drums. Oh I must tell you about the band; in one word, they were COOL! I think it was the same band that did Nawal’s “zaffa”. Their music makes you want to dance even if you didn’t want to or didn’t know how to. They had great show going on when the groom came in. Then they left to continue singing behind a curtain. Then the beautiful couple sat on the stage while their family and friends were dancing expressing their happiness for them. The bride’s cousins and friends were dancing, some were wearing abaya and some were not. Her friends and family all greeted the groom and took pictures with him. No one thought “weee 3aib ma yest7oon!” no one thought that her friends are trying to grab the groom’s attention, in short, no one had dirty twisted thoughts about those girls expressing their happiness. And the bride herself was not thinking any of those perverted thoughts. There was kindness in people’s hearts, purity and love. God forbids a girl smiles at her friend’s husband here, what a scandal it would be! There were no people staring; gossiping; criticizing what other’s wear and how they dance. There were no people expressing their sad opinions about the hall decoration! There were no people who thought that dancing for the bride was “3aib” or non prestigious!


The groom left leaving the bride with her friends and family. The party went on till 2:30 a.m and the end was the best. The band came in again to do the bride’s “zaffa”. Moneera was happy, dancing her way out, and the people who she loves, the people who love her were around her singing, clapping and dancing until her husband took her away. Bless the beautiful couple. We all wish them happiness, healthy life and many pretty babies!


Love you Manoor.



  1. Nas said,

    I remember being at my uncle’s house, along with my sister, a few years back. We were in the downstairs living room, chatting to my cousin, the eldest of her siblings. Somehow the conversation drifted towards marriage- specifically, the wedding ceremony. It was interesting to hear my sister’s and cousin’s contrasting views on the matter . To my sister, she expressed should would prefer to have a simple ceremony, one that she would enjoy, surrounded by her loved ones. She’s against senseless spending, doesn’t like the egregious display of wealth. She’s more about the substance. My cousin, however, couldn’t have been more opposite. To her, the bigger the wedding, the better. In her own words ” if a man is not willing to spend money on you, then you might as well be a cat that he plucked out of the streets!”…I still vividly remember these words. Shocking to my ears, but her prerogative I suppose. Luckily for her, she has since gotten married, and happily married at that. Maybe she really was on to something? who knows..

    On a side note, thought this might interest you


    • mimizwords said,

      well, there is some truth to both opinions. I personally would prefer a small wedding because i want to feel comfortable; i dont see a point in inviting many people who couldnt care less for my happiness. A small wedding would be easier to manage and more fun to do whatever you want. Moreover, the couple would be starting their lives together, so the woman should be reasonable and not ask her husband to spend more than what he can or take debts just for a one night party! its awful to start you life with a debt isnt it? but at the same time, the woman should watch out if her husband is stingy. A stingy husband is not only stingy with his money, but with his emotions and support too.

  2. mimizwords said,

    From a Qatari woman point of view I really don’t like Qatari weddings. They are boring yet very expensive. I don’t know why people invite hundreds and hundreds who will only eat, criticize and go! They wouldn’t even dance because its not prestigious or not a family member wedding!

    It is so unreasonable to spend between 200,000 and more on one night! I know it is important to celebrate but it’s the marriage that matters not the wedding. Weddings should be intimate with people who care about your happiness. I would rather spend that money on a trip around the world than on strangers I don’t know.

    There are many things I really hate about Qatari weddings and I hope to see a change soon.
    1-Extremely expensive
    2-Too much makeup on ladies that sometimes I couldn’t recognize some.
    3-Guests only sit on tables and watch, there are no signs of enjoyment or happiness for the couple.
    4-The bride wears an extremely heavy dress that she cant walk in without help. Her sisters or some waitresses would be around her lifting it with each step. A very ugly scene!
    5-The only time people look at the bride is when she enters, they the whole focus would be on the pretty girls dancing.
    6-Money throwing is cheap cheap cheap and haraaaam. People would be stepping on it when they walk and then it gets collected and given to the music band!
    7-I hate it how women stare at the groom when he comes in. Many ugly thoughts go into their heads and I feel disgusted when I hear their comments on him or any one escorting him.
    8-I don’t like it when the groom’s cousins or brothers come in and the bride needs to be covered with abaya or a white decorated umbrella that has drapes all around it. COVERED ON WEDDING DAY TOOO !!! Is this how the groom sees his bride on their wedding night! A white ghost! He stands next to hear, the other men leave, and the white veil is lifted, and he sees her from the side. They might have a handshake, or kiss her on the forehead, or do nothing. I don’t blame the poor guy if he was so stressed to even move with hundreds of women staring at him!
    9-The wedding is dead when the groom comes in. no more dancing nothing. You just hear loud music for an hour. Usually people have dinner during this time. no one gives a damn about the couple or even look at them after that!
    10-The bride’s family and friends wouldn’t dare dance or take photos with the groom coz its “3aib” or “inappropriate” its like he is still a stranger! And probably this will go on forever. Imagine the bride’s cousins and best friend is not allowed to speak to him or it would be interpreted in a bad way.
    11-The couple sit on the stage like stones, they don’t move at all except when they leave. How awful it is to not enjoy your own wedding? Sit for hours and smile! So boring. I would like to see a happy bride dancing with her friends, moving around chatting with people. I would like to see her introducing her groom to her family and friends and I would like to see the groom doing the same. I would like to see some love and happiness instead of grumpy faces and gazes!
    12- Night is over, and all is left people’s comment on the things they didn’t like.

  3. Manoora said,

    man i loooove u soooo much!!!! and imsooo glad dat u had fun that day!!! ur words brought tears to my eyez!!! amwaaaaaaah 😀

    • mimizwords said,

      I love you too Mannoooor

  4. Mashael K. said,

    i agree with every word you wrote Maryam i hate our weddings sometimes i feel it’s all fake and i’m always forced to go..and it’s the same for me i get angry when they throw money wallah thats not good and it doesn’t look good either..and yes you don’t find many happy faces in the weddings they are just coming so that they can have something to talk about for the next too i’m hoping for a change …
    ameeen for your beautiful wishes to your freind =)

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