BQFP Poet Iftar

September 7, 2009 at 9:53 am (bloomsbury, doha events, poetryreading)



Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing cordially invites you to share Iftar featuring poetryreading  on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.

The iftar will be held at the BQFP villa, number 3 on the Qatar
Foundation premises (behind the RAND and FITCH offices, across from the LAS building).

Please RSVP by September 7, 2009 via email to


There are going to be few local poets reading their poems in English and Arabic, If you are a poet, or know one and would like to participate, please contact:



  1. I CARE said,



  2. B said,


    It’s literally next door!
    It’s the perfect opportunity!
    I’m already brainstorming ideas!

    But I can’t come…why? because I’ve got a class…yes, you heard me right, a class during iftar! of which I can only take a half hour brake from to break the fast..

    This. Truly. Sucks =(

  3. mimizwords said,

    Laish, ditch class … ya3ny kilish 6aleb mojtahed? come, we will have nice fo6oor.

    hmmmmm class during fo6oor, what does that say about your university?

    • B said,

      *sigh* I hadn’t rsvp’d…is it too late? I thought I’d come over during the break..

      And about my uni, it says a lot..I actually wrote this whole rant in class because of it! wanna read it?

      • mimizwords said,

        its ok you are just one person, its not a big deal if you didnt RSVP’ed. and sure, i wana read what ever you wrote. Maybe you can bring it today and read it for all of us.

  4. I CARE said,

    ditch ditch 😛

    ella VCU, it doesn’t matter anyways.

  5. B said,

    2bweh yabeelikoum s6ar! illa VCU…ma2r6’a 3aleha tara Ill stab you both with a paintbrush and then Ill use your bodies as my canvas! 😛

    erm, bi59oo9 inee fi6’a7t nafsee? lol

    • mimizwords said,

      how did I care know that you are in VCU, you guys are friends? so are you coming?

      • B said,

        Thru hints & clues I left here and there on my comments @ his blog..I do hope to meet him though..seems like a rather interesting fellow! 😉

  6. homme du Qatar said,

    I would have loved to participate with some love poems.. but I have promised my significant other not to ever make a public display of them, since they mean a lot for both of us.. don’t know if I should..

    P.S. I will try to make it.. but I’m not very good with directions in Doha.. is that going to be inside education city?

    • mimizwords said,

      I am sure you are a great poet and your significant other would love it if you read something … she might be forgetful sometimes but she never forgot about you .. you know how two people become one

      and yes it will be in one of QF buildings, your significant other will show you the way as she always does 😉

  7. homme du Qatar said,

    yeah.. but I wont break a promise I made to her like I want her not to break the promise she made to me.. that’s all..

    she can be forgetfull.. but I hope not her promise to me.. like my promise to her..

    great.. I still use google maps to get to education city…!

    • I CARE said,

      a freshman?

      forget google maps.. it’s one of the villas across the street from LAS.

      after taking that U-turn in front of VCU, take a right. that’s it !

  8. homme du Qatar said,

    no I’m fine thanks.. just like you said.. google maps only get updated every 90 mins.. in doha the roads change much fast than that.. I’ll find it.. thanks buddy..

  9. B said,

    can you plz check ur email..thx!

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