لو كنت رجلاً … If I were a man

September 10, 2009 at 10:50 am (gender discrimination, poetryreading, Prose Poems, Society, women)

لو كنت رجلاً


لو كنت رجلاً, لسمح لي المجتمع أن أقع في الحب لأن ذلك في نظر المجتمع سيكون رائعاً

لو كنت رجلا, لسمح لي المجتمع أن أتزوج أي فتاه, من أي عرق و أي ديانة

لو كنت رجلاَ, لسمح لي المجتمع أن أتحكم بزوجتي, بلبسها, بخروجها, حتى بأحلامها و أفكارها   

لو كنت رجلاً و طلقت زوجتي, لأشفق علي المجتمع و ذهب يركض يبحث لي عن زوجة أخرى لأن سعادتي مهمة

لو كنت رجلاً, لسمح لي المجتمع أن ارتدي ما أريد, وقتما أريد

لو كنت رجلاً,لما احتجت لإذن لأخرج و أسافر و أدرس و أعمل و أتنفس  

لو كنت رجلاً, لسمح لي المجتمع بالاستمتاع بقدر ما أشاء من النساء, قبل الزواج و بعده

لو كنت رجلاً يفعل الفحشاء, لبحث مجتمعي لي عن أعذار لارتكب مزيداً منها

لو كنت رجلاً سيء السمعة, لقال مجتمعي, شاب طائش, يتزوج غداً و يهتدي

لو كنت رجلاً, لكان راتبي أكثر فقط لأنني رجل

لو كنت رجلاً, و أكملت دراستي في الخارج, ففي عين مجتمعي أنا عبقري

لو كنت رجلاً, و أخطأت في العمل, لألقى مجتمعي الخطأ على الظروف

لو كنت رجلاً, لكنت مثالياً في عين مجتمعي

و لا يعيبني, سوى حجم محفظتي


و لكنني امرأة


ولكنني امرأة  يجب أن اختفي و راء الأغطية و إلا كنت بائعة هوى

و لكنني امرأة يعتقد مجتمعي أنني مخلوق بلا قلب فممنوع عليه الحب

و لكنني امرأة مرتبط شرفي لا بأخلاقي, و لكن بغشائي

و لكنني امرأة, شيء من ممتلكات أبي, ثم أخي ثم زوجي

و لكنني امرأة, و يجب أن أضحي بتاريخي, بأحلامي لأنها ليست من حقي, بل من حق من يمتلك جسدي

و لكنني امرأة و إذا تم اغتصابي أو اغتصاب حقي, فإنه بسبب فتنتي و غبائي

و لكنني امرأة و يجب أن اعمل ضعف الرجل, كي أكون كفأ

و لكنني امرأه و لو أخطأت في العمل, فذلك لأنني بكل بساطة امرأة  

ولكنني امرأة و لو درست بالخارج لاتهمت بكوني متفتحة و غير صالحة للزواج

و لكنني امرأة و على مجتمعي فإني عبئ

و لكنني امرأة و على مجتمعي فإني خطأ يجب أن يصحح

و لكنني امرأة و يجب أن تراقب أفعالي, في حين أرتكب فضيحة أكبر من فضيحة وجودي


If I were a man


If I were a man, I can fall in love and society would think its adorable

If I were a man, I can marry any girl from any race or religion

If I were a man, society wont question me if I controlled my wife’s life, thoughts and dreams

If I were a man and divorced my wife, society would pity me and rush to find me a new one to make me happy.

If I were a man, I can wear whatever I want whenever I want

If I were a man, I don’t need to have a permission to travel, to go out, to study to work or to breath

If I were a man, I can go out with as many women as I want, before and after marriage

If I were a man and I sinned, society would find excuses for my sins, and so I can sin even more

If I were a man with bad reputation, my society would say “young and foolish, he will grow up and get married tomorrow, let him have fun”

If I were a man, I will have a bigger salary, just for being a man

If I were a man who studied abroad, in my society I will be a genius

If I were a man and made a mistake at work, society will blame it on the circumstances

If I were a man, I am perfect in the eye of my society

Nothing would be wrong with me

Except the size of my wallet


But I am a woman

I am a woman and I must hide behind covers or I will be …

I am a woman, and my society believes I am a heartless creature that is forbidden to love

I am a woman and my honor is not related to my morals but to my membrane 

I am a woman, and I am an object of property, to my father, to my brother then to my husband

I am a woman and I must sacrifice my history, my dreams, because they are not my rights, but they are the rights of who ever owns my body

I am a woman, and if I or my rights are raped, it is because of my seductive beauty and stupidity

I am a woman and I must work twice as hard to prove myself

I am a woman and if I erred at work it is because I am simply a woman

I am a woman and if I studied abroad I will be too exposed and not suitable for marriage

I am a woman and on my society I am a burden

I am a woman and for my society I am a mistake that should be corrected

I am a woman and I should be watched in case I commit a bigger scandal, a bigger mistake than my own existence.



  1. Mashael K. said,

    3jeeeeeeeb wallah & so true …thanks =)

  2. I CARE said,

    my favorite poem. I’m really proud of you that you read it in public that day and didn’t care what people thought. Bravery is what you’re full of and what other girls need.

    thanks for writing something like this.

    • mimizwords said,

      Thank you for your support

  3. Touché said,

    Well said

  4. Susie of Arabia said,

    Hi Mimi – I want to thank you for writing this powerful poem and for translating it into English. I think what you have expressed here is how many Middle Eastern women are made to feel. You are such an articulate voice.
    Would you mind if I were to post this poem on my blog? I’d like to write a little something about you along with the poem and have a link to your blog.
    Please email me. Thanks.

    • mimizwords said,

      Dear Susie of Arabia

      I am glad that you liked the poem. It really came from my heart and expressed different situations many women have been through.

      I would be honored to be on your blog. Feel free to post the poem.

  5. anthrogeek10 said,

    Breaks my heart……

    I hope you go after and succeed in your dreams in life Mimi.


  6. kirst said,

    Mimi so true every word. I have been Muslim for 15 years, met my husband 18 months later. For 15 years I have seen all you have spoken of. I just wrote to susie of arabia.
    All I have seen for 15 years are arab and saudi men come to my country, lie to and use women here before they marry.
    The pretend they are in love and make promises they cannot keep. these young women have no idea their boyfriends are not going to marry them, but dump them to marry another women.
    I have also seen years of young new saudi brides being bought here. They live in horrible conditions where they are not allowed out of the home. Behind closed curtains, not allowed to answer the door. No family, or close friends.
    Their men get frustrated because their new possession gets depressed and lonely. So they meet up with their ex girlfriends or find new ones while their wives sit alone at home, or with other equally depressed lonely and pregnant women.
    Or the men spend all their time with other men partying.

    It is happening to both sides mimi. I know many Arab and Saudi think western women have no values, this is not completely true. We are all still women who love, get hurt, are lied to, used and abused, by the same men. You are not alone.
    Any Arab or Saudi woman who are going to live with their husband in western country should firstly know their husband very very well. Make sure they have friends they already know or family with them, and be prepared for some very lonely times and life behind locked doors and closed curtains. This makes me sad.I feel for any women facing this life. Its not Islamic, its the opposite.
    Kindest Regards

  7. witsandnuts said,

    Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog. This is a very nice poem. Can I share this in my blog with a proper credit to you?

  8. mimizwords said,

    Hello everyone

    Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me that so many people could understand and relate to what I have written about. I just want to point out that this poem was written out of several situations that happened to friends and family and stories that I have heard. It is so true, yet, it does not mean that all men in the Middle East are horrible and all women are oppressed. I just feel that somehow I have given an image that I am sad or oppressed. On the contrary, my sisters and I lead a very liberal life here in Qatar. I just wanted to express what many women here feel.


    I know what you are talking about. I have seen this myself while studying in London. One of my friends was stalked by a saudi man, and guess what! he was married with kids! not only that, but his wife was with him. Except she never left their house. I don’t know why men believe in this strange principle “If she went out with me now, what will stop her from going out with other men after i marry her” .

    However, at the same time, there were many other Middle Eastern men that treated us with nothing but respect.

    I think that women should stop acting or accepting being the victim. Change is in our hands, we are the ones who agreed to this. Not only that, but we pass these norms to our children. I see mothers telling their sons “Do this you are a man, Dont do that you are man” and i see how they treat their sons like kings telling them “you are a man you are a man” while treating their daughters like maids and telling them “you are a girl you are a girl”. We have the choice to abide by these norms or simple refuse them. We should stop blaming men, and society. Society is men and women! and we are more than men in number! so why let them control us in such retarded barbaric way!

  9. anthrogeek10 said,

    I think women in numbers will show solidarity on this issue.,..


  10. Misty said,

    I read this over at Susie’s Big Adventure and was given the link to your blog. Thank you for sharing this sad and very true poem. It is a shame that so many women live in such conditions. I will continue stopping by your blog. Peace to you.

  11. intlxpatr said,

    Very very powerful poem, Mimi, and as you said, a compilation of many experiences.

    Change is incremental. It begins with education, and making different choices. You have already begun to make a difference, just starting this blog and sharing so openly.

  12. Angie Nader said,

    i read your poem on susies blog…its very beautiful!

  13. Amal said,

    ““Because I am a Girl,” a new report released by Plan International Australia, says that educating and investing in girls is one of the best ways to end global poverty. The report, released on September 22, found that women reinvest up to 90 percent of their income into their family and children, compared the 30 or 40 percent that men would reinvest, ABC News reported.”

    So let’s be proud of ourselves for being “girls”. We’ve been given rights, yet our problem is we don’t ask for them, which raises a need to be educated about our rights- religious and civic- and educate other women. You know an advanced democratic country when you look at its women.

    Go girl!

  14. Jennifer said,

    Bravo! You make many undeniable points MiMi. Thank you!

  15. DM said,

    It’s sad, but undeniably true. Thanks alot for sharing.

  16. Lars said,

    I admire your courage. Thank you for sharing this. I feel proud of You. All best wishes.

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