The Invisible Army

September 10, 2009 at 11:02 am (cheap labour, Ethics, Human Rights, poetryreading, Prose Poems, Qatari culture, Society, work)


The Invisible Army

They wrap their dry faces with dirty cloth

And if they are lucky, a plastic helmet


The sun is squashing them, like we squash a moth

And we leave them lying dead, burning, till we collect them at sunset.


They are canned in the bus

Then canned in their rooms


They have no expressions

They were wiped out

By the sun, by the dust, by the law, and by us


They try to run away from the burning sun

They try to remove the never ending dust

But there is nowhere to run, from the dust nor the sun


All you can see behind that never ending yellow dust

Is their broken souls, through their eyes, looking at the shiny cars


 They are not as human as we are

For they are nothing but workers

We don’t want them in our shopping malls

For they are polluters


We choose not to see them

We choose to forget about them


This invisible army that builds our country

Remains invisible behind the never ending yellow dust and bright burning sun




  1. Mashael K. said,

    msakeen ='(
    sometimes when i’m in the car in the noon
    and i see them building something near the street some of them are putting something like a small towel around their neck just to clean it from sweat or dust in the burning sun.. god bless them..u r talented mashallah …i’ve been trying for days to write what i told you about..and it’s so diffecult to put the right words..but i’ll keep learning from you..thank you =)

  2. mimizwords said,

    Dear Mashael, I hope that we have more people like you who care, and inshallah one day you will make a difference. Keep trying with your writing, dont give up. You have to practice and do it again and again until one day you are satisfied. There is no right or wrong in writing, what matters is that you write.

  3. I CARE said,

    We need “white people” to tell us that we should treat people right.

    We can’t treat people nicely and give them their basic rights just because we care. We need people from the UN to open a human rights office and tell us what we should do.

    Islam is boxed in a mosque, we go back to it when we want to and we keep it away when money comes in the play.

    🙂 We should try and organize better campaigns to help them. You won’t believe how happy they’ll be if you go to them with a icebox full of cold water and pepsi. You’ll feel better yourself.

  4. Susie of Arabia said,

    This poem is also very good, Mimi. You are concerned, observant. and conscientious. Keep writing – your voice is so important!

    • mimizwords said,

      Thank you dear susie for your encouraging words

  5. Dimple said,

    I came from Susie’s blog. You are a good poet and write observantly and compassionately. Keep it up!

  6. Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said,

    Great stuff, Mimi. Keep writing. It’s refreshing to see such thought in the region.

  7. Keryn said,

    This is a moving collection of words. I was a flight attendant in the Gulf and served many of these people travelling both to the Gulf and home. My heart went out to them and their lives, the families they left behind and the hardship they faced. It can be such a sad world. Keep up the beautiful writing….

    • mimizwords said,

      What an interesting job, I always wondered how it is like to be an air attendant. you must have meet all sorts of people in the world.

  8. New In Qatar said,

    Poor labor work hard earn little 😦

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