What happened at the BQFP poetryreading Iftar

September 10, 2009 at 2:37 am (bloomsbury, doha events, poetryreading, Prose Poems)

GetAttachment.aspx (1)An unforgettable date of an unforgettable evening. 9/9/2009. This date will only happen again after a millenium. And luckly it was a great day for many people. The Iftar was a great success. It was also a celebration of the new office for Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publication. The 40 people who attended the event varried between students, teachers, writers, publishers and educators. Three local poets read their poetry in bothe arabic and english.

Abdulla Alsalem,

A poet, a short story writer and a journalist. He publishes his writing in newspapers like al Rayya, Al sharq, Al Watan and others.  He has participated in poetry festivals in Qatar and abroad. He writes different styles of poetry from classical, modern as well as the traditional Qatari poem. He has a novel underway.  Abdullah’s website www.wosom.net

Rana Tounsi

A poet that has published 5 collections of poetry: That House From which the Music Comes (Cairo, 1999), A Rose for The Last Days (Merit, Cairo 2003),  A Country Called Desire (Merit, Cairo 2005) . A Short History (Dar Il Nahda, Lebanon 2007) and Kisses (Dar Il Nahda, Lebanon 2009)  The following poems are from the collection (Short History) published from Dar Il Nahda Lebanon

and myself

A published essayist in the Qatar Narratives series, a regular contributor to Woman Today magazine and an active blogger. She has Bachelors in political science from the UK, a researcher, and working on her first novel.

P.S: I will post the three poems I read on different post.





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  1. B said,

    It was a wonderful evening and the best part is I got to meet two of my favorite bloggers! Keep up the good work and hopefully there will be more of these events to come.. without me having to ditch any more classes! ;P

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