New Writing Project: Letters from Qatar

October 5, 2009 at 1:26 am (doha events, Qatari culture, writing)

From the sucess of the Qatar Narrative series, a new writing project is on the way. This time it is going to be letters from Qatar. The idea of this project was created during a previous writing workshop by its participants. My friend Linda is helping to collect the essays and this is what she wrote to us :

The letters could be letters to your mother, father, sister, brother, Government, Teacher, grandparents, step parents, enemies, friends, laborers any one you felt you needed to send a letter to. 
This was such a wonderful exercise it filled the room with such emotion, strength, knowledge, and passion. We all felt so good about these letters we thought wouldn’t it be great to have a book full of letters from different people in Qatar. Qatari’s and Ex-pats all nationalities living here in Qatar. Imagine what an interesting book. A look into so many hearts expressed through words written in letters. So
Carol and Mohana have taken the decision to go forth with this verbalized thought. We will be putting together a book called Letter from Qatar. Hopefully ready to go to publishing in the spring.
Now this is where you come in. I of course would love you to summit your letters, but I want you to pass the word to others outside our circle of writers, to join in this project of voice, this project of passion, this project of heart and of course of words. Letters can be submitted to me at, I will then pass them on to Carol and Mohana for viewing, selecting and editing.
I also need your suggestions for potential donors to fund the project. This is a new challenge for me, one that I am willing to endure but it is better as a team. If anyone knows of an institute or business that would be interested in donating educational funds towards our project please let me know. I would appreciate your help so very much. Anyone wanting to come forward and help drop me a line or a letter.. Letters for the book should be submitted during October. Thank you, I hope you will join in.



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