Random thoughts in London

October 9, 2009 at 12:33 am (Diary, Everyday life situations, Just a thought ...)


Ok, so how to reassemble this table? Where is the screwdriver? Oh damn! They didn’t include one. Ok let me just try to do it with a knife. Hmmm. This looks easy, wait. No its not. The nail doesn’t go all the way through. Ouch, I just cut myself. Ouch, i cut myself again. Ok this is not working, i better go find a hardwear store or something.


I am not sure if I have enough credit on my Oyster card. I should remember and apply for the student one. Here is the bus. In the name of God, in the name of God, please don’t beep red, common its late and I want to go home. Oh, no its red. Hmm the bus driver doesn’t seem to notice let me just go in. Thank you god


Why is this old man doing this! I feel sorry for him. Someone in his age should be enjoying life with his family not having a student job. I wonder if he feels humiliated carrying this sign that dangles all over his body about a souvenir shop. Oh god, he is also holding flyers. He looks 70 years old. Why didn’t they give him a more respectful job? Poor man, he is not even looking up, his eyes are on the floor the whole time.


What is that? Oh no, did someone die here and police is surrounding the place. No wait, what is that noise. Let me ask that police man “excuse me sir, what is going on here?”, “ its a premier of a movie and all the celebrities are coming” hahahahah and I thought it was a murder, I better not tell him what was on my mind. Oh, cool, let me call the girls and tell them about it.


This man is still standing in front of the museum handing out flyers. It hurts me to see him. I wish that he finds someone to take care of him.


Oh nice, pomegranate. The fruit from heaven. I should get some. What? 2 pieces of pomegranate is for 4 pounds! That is 24 QR! I can buy a whole Kilo of pomegranate in Doha. Maybe I should look for a Sunday market and buy my food from there.


Oh gosh, I hope they do not know that I am Muslim, now they will force me to be part of their activities. Thank god my place is nearby and I don’t have to go to the prayer room here. I had enough of those people lecturing everyone about everything. They should lecture themselves first. Why is this girl looking at me? “hello there, do you know about the fresher’s dinner?”. “no”. “well, you should come, its going to be fun, we also give the money we collect to orphan charity”. “ok, how much is the ticket?” “3 pounds”, “alright I will buy one but I don’t think I will come”. “oh you really should, we will have the Imam of Finsbury park”. Hmmm isn’t that the mosque where all the extremist came from? “ok, I will try but don’t promise”.


I really don’t feel like reading this book for our book club.  The printing is bad and it hurts my eyes. Plus I hardly have time to finish reading for school. Maybe I should just watch the movie. Who will know? I hope Tuga wont be upset with me. Maybe I should give it a try this weekend.


– Hi where are you from? – Qatar -Oh Qatar, yes yes – Do you know Qatar – I know about the race – Why did you ask? – Your eyes look different – What is your name? – Carlos – Where are you from? – Brazil – Here give me your pen – Wow this is nice, what is that? – Your name in Arabic – Wow! This is amazing, wait a minute – What is that? – Can you write it down here in this note book – Ok – This is Hebrew, is it the same as Arabic? – No its different, wow you have different phrases from different languages in this page – Yes I gathered this from people I met – Ok Carlos, this is my stop, nice meeting you – Nice meeting you too have a nice day.


– I just saw a girl holding a Qatari passport leaving the police station – Oh, lucky here she is done, we still have two more hours to wait. – – Hello, are you from Doha? – (oh no, here we start) yes – Did you hear about what happened? – What happened? – They estimated 2 million cases of swine flu – (we don’t have 2 million people in Qatar) so? – Yes it is serious – Ok, I don’t really care – You don’t, I do …. so what is the procedure here? What are we supposed to do? – So you want to tell me that you have been waiting here for 4 hours in the cold and have no clue what is going on? – No I don’t – (shall I say, me neither?) …. you only need passport and 34 pounds – Ok thank you


– See, I did all of this myself. I built two chairs, a lamp and a dressing table that has three drawers and a mirror – This is a really bad job! It is loose. Look at this, it will fall on you. You have to do it again – Again! You know it took me 7 hours to do it. And now you are telling me to do it again – You probably used the wrong tools. Which screw drivers you used – These – Hmmm, these are very bad ones. See, they do not fix the nails properly – No way, I wont do it again. If you want me to take every piece off, then you do it – Ok I will just get me the right tools. We will do it tomorrow


Yeah right fix it with me tomorrow. Here I am building this all again myself. But I have to admit that it’s much better now using the correct screwdriver.

And many more to come.



  1. Stuck in London said,


    What am i doing here? wasting my whole life away from my home, from my family. Does what i do really worth it? May be if time goes 10 years back, i would have chosen another path and ended up in a different place, may be even leading to a different destiny. It hurts to see most of my friends becoming parents and starting their own families while i am here, still stuck in London.. I am getting tired, but it was my choice and i have to keep going.

    • mimizwords said,


      I know this is hard. But this is jihad, I am working hard to build my life and to be a great parent in the future. I am learning from each day that passes by, I am getting stronger and wiser. So in ten years from now, when I will be sitting among my childern and life partner, I can be among them proud and happy, I can look back and realize I took the right decision, I grabed that opportunity and raised myself to better education and life expereince. This is what God has written for me, so good must come out of it.

      chear up mate 🙂

      • Stuck in London said,


        (Phone rings).. Oh it’s mum, but i can’t answer, i am in a lecture, I will call her later.. time goes by and another exhausting day ends.. God, what a day, i barely open my eyes, i will do my homework and go to bed.. next morning, on my way to the university, wait a minute, i forgot to call mum back.. Hi mum, how are you? sorry i forgot to return your .. mum interrupts .. listen son, i need to tell you something, your aunt passed away yesterday.. What!! I haven’t seen her for over a year.. I don’t think you can do much now, son, may god have mercy on her soul..
        Now, tell me, how is this supposed to make me stronger? After god knows how many years, when and if i made it back home, am i gonna see my dead aunt again? Guess what, we have only one life and what we miss we lose.
        I am tired of being alone, of being away, missing all the beautiful times that i would otherwise have had with my family and friends. I’m emotionally exhausted.. yet, with all this, I somehow find ways to survive. I sacrifice a lot for what I am doing right now, so I better make it worth all the nights i spent dreaming of home, among my family, and starting my own. Live here long enough and you will know what i am talking about..

  2. mimizwords said,


    A) I know I have an exam tomorrow but I need to take a break and go buy some food. Tomorrow I will go visit grandma at the hospital as soon as I finish this exam. Thank god his operation went well. (in tescos at the cashier phone rings)
    – Hello
    – (silence)
    – Hello
    – Mimi
    – yes .. what wrong why are you crying?
    – Grandpa just died

    I dropped my groceries and cried not caring who was watching. I was only few hours away from seeing him. I call my aunt and tell her I will come tomorrow afternoon as soon as I finish the exam. She tells me they will go back to Doha tomorrow morning and there is no need for me to come. I am stuck here, few hours away from them and cannot go because of this damn exam . How come he died! the operation was successful. I just spoke to them and everything was find. If only ….

    B) who is calling me at this time its really early. I answer with horsed voice
    – Hello
    – Hello mimi
    – hey, you sound upset whats wrong?
    – Grandpa saif just passed away

    C) I just finished my graduation ceremony. I am on top of the earth! it is the happiest day in my life. My mother and brothers are here, and all my friends. Its great to feel the center of attention, its great to feel that all this hard work has finally paid off. I recieve a text from my cousin (accept my condolences). My aunt! that was the first thought that came to my mind. I have not seen her for over a year since she got cancer. I call my dad he doesnt answer, I call my sister and she says nothing is wrong. I shout at her and say then explain this text from my cousin. She sighs and tells me that my dear aunt has just passed away and they did not want to tell me becuase its my graduation day. I sit on a bench and cry!

    • Stuck in London said,


      Life is a mystery. I learnt that if you are at the peak, you should prepare for the fall. Everything is based on uncertainty, in someway. We do what we do hoping to get where we wish to be, but there are never guarantees. We may win, we may lose, but this is a risk we have to take.
      When we came here we should have known that we will be losing things to gain others, but the question is which one overweight the other. I believe that there is some kind of universal justice pushing us to where we are heading, all we need is to have faith.. but it won’t be easy..

      • Stuck in London said,

        Oops, i skipped seventeen! Well, you get the idea young lady

  3. Homme du Qatar said,

    One hundred and One :

    As the night falls over the gloomy city, I slip into my shower for a tonic experience. I have been using the same cliché BODYSHOP shower set, with my favorite secret scent of course, to cleanse my energy and come out with a fresh look out of the hot shower. I start to wear the new briefs my baby bought me, cause I like to impress her, and she really knows my taste. I go for the semi-formal look, as I learned it’s suitable for normal and formal situations, but also cause I look damn good in it! Before leaving the apartment, I look at my love in her eyes and kiss her passionately whispering words of love at the same time. It is a new journey for us with every night when I head out to the city, through the magical and extremely diverse atmosphere of my London. Sometimes I skip over that if she uses MAC lipstick, cause it gets on me and its really hard to wipe off. Honestly, we are both drawn to each other with a big smile drawn on our faces, I can’t explain the alluring and delightful chemistry flowing from our hearts, but I’m definitely greatfull for it. Surely we struggle thinking we should stay for a romantic evening, but we shut the door behind us and head down the stair way while holding hands, we need to make the most of our passing journey in London. There is nothing better than the smell of bloomed roses in regent park, walking under the moon light, having a small chit chat and seeking remedies of the active day. This might be the simplest and not an obvious choice, but each passing moment is definitely an unforgettable moment and powerful in its impact on our souls and feelings. We might forget what we talk about, forget what we did, but we always remember how we made each other feel, and that is eternal to be free in London.

    • mimizwords said,

      one hundered and two:

      I open my eyes, it is still dark and time for prayer. I grab my phone, not to know the time, but to see if you have sent me a text. And you always do. I smile and read it, and my heart smiles too. “Soon” I think. I take a deep breath, look at your side of the bed and sigh. I can feel you lingering around while I brush my teeth. I can hear you telling me that this blouse would go better with this skirt. I can hear you shouting “do you want sundried tomatoes with your eggs?”. We share the eggs, we share the bread, just as we share everything in our lives, just as we share our lives. Every moment with you, every action comes so naturally, so easily. And I keep telling my self “soon”.

  4. DM said,

    one hundred and three:

    I look at the time: 3:43pm. Darn. Realizing that I have to start studying for my first Final Exam in a couple of days; though laziness is slowly creeping over. Wondering when you will be back; a “friend’s meeting” as you so lightly put it. ‘Cause you know that’s how I see it; even though you don’t. I’m thinking that I’m glad we were on good terms during and after our last conversation.

    Alas, I’m back to counting the days; counting the days till you arrive—safe and sound.

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