Why girls’ schools are so strict?

January 9, 2010 at 11:30 pm (Opinion, Society)

When I was in school, many things were not allowed. But when I heard stories from my teenage cousins I was shocked to know that they are even stricter these days. I don’t know if this applies to all schools in Doha but I am talking about Albayan School, the scientific school from primary to diploma level.

Personally, I never understood why a touch of makeup or accessories was not allowed in school. Girls in this age start to develop their character and naturally girls like to get dressed and have pretty things. Just as it’s natural for boys to play football or do whatever in that age (what are they into at this age anyway?), girls like to put a lip gloss or eyeliner. But schools take that an indication for deviation and start of developing seductive techniques that might open the girl’s eye to the world of SEX! I am not making this up; this is what one of the teachers told me!  Anyways, sure, don’t allow makeup, no big deal. But why be mean to the girls.

In Albayan School, any kind of femininity is forbidden. Even small earrings, or letting your hair down is not allowed. Even dying the hair or having a hair cut more than average is not allowed. A Qatari girl who had blond hair was shouted at for colouring her hair, she told the supervisor that it was her natural hair colour. They did not believe her and called her mother who told them that her daughter was not lying. Not only hair, but also colour shoes, socks or a jacket are not allowed. Even if they have one stroke of colour that is not black or blue or white, it would be confiscated.

During winter, my sister was ill and yet she went to school. She was wearing a blue jacket that had a yellow line in on the side. The head mistress asked her to take off her jacket, my sister was shocked. It was cold and on top of that she was ill. The head mistress said that this is none of her business and that my sister broke the laws and so she must remove the jacket or it will be removed by forced and my sister will be suspended for three days. My sister was furious. She said that ‘OK I will take it off, but if I get worse it will be your responsibility’

While girls are in classes, supervisors would open the girls’ lockers and look through their things and confiscate any kind of mirrors, makeup, magazine, colourful hair bands. Not only they would not return these things to the girls, but also they would use the girls’ stuff in front of them

My friend’s sister had a small mirror; once her teacher saw it she took it and broke it immediately. Another friend was wearing a bracelet, her teacher asked her to take it off then she wore it and said ‘it looks nicer on my hands’.

Being overly strict makes girls more creative in finding ways to break these rigid laws or make them hate school even more. I agree that pupils should learn how to respect rules and be disciplines but not in such way. I don’t see any point from suspending girls just for having a lip gloss or wearing a bracelet.

Moreover, girls in property school are forced to wear Sheila and abaya and if they didn’t they would be publically humiliated by being shouted at in front of everyone. Girls who are late for school are given a good shout before they go to classes, if it happens more than once, they get warning and they get suspended.

Put all of this in one side, and the insults students receive in another. Why use such barbaric way, girls will eventually use these words and copy this behaviour between themselves. There is no need for violence in words to keep them under control. I know how naughty girls can be, but this doesn’t work. Because the naughty one will take this as a challenge and conduct a bad behaviour on purpose.

Do you think what is happening in Albayan school is normal? What do you think should, and should not be allowed in schools? And should there be a difference between rules in girls’ schools and boys’ schools?



  1. I CARE said,

    what you mentioned makes the school sounds like an ok school! I heard much more sick stories about that same school.

    To me, this just justifies Qatari girls behavior when they leave high schools; the excessive make up and the all the weird behavior.

    i know girls sometimes take stuff to the extremes with their haircuts and makeup but what goes on in those schools doesn’t make sense at all. Treating students like inmates seems to be the only way those schools can function.

    Omar Scientific school, when i was in it 6 years ago, wasn’t as bad as it is now. But, of course it’s no where near the girls school. I wonder what other rules do other public schools have!

    ah well.. i’m glad I went to the scientific school.. other public schools were hell and F***ed up. I hear thing are a lot worse now! 😦

    good topic btw

  2. Mimi's counterworld in that case said,


    Well, I’ve thaught both in Al Bayan primary and secondary school in 2008-2009 and obviously rules changed since then… When I was there, especially in the secondary school, girl were dressed very shiny, very colourfull, would wear make up and even putting it on on class… my impression was more of a huge lack of discipline. I spent half of the second hour fixing some rules. In the primary school, I had to call the head mistress to explain the girls that “eating, shouting, discussing the teacher’s instruction, getting out of the classroom without permission, etc.” was not allowed. But they had no real “punishments” for those who would not behave so the “threatenings”, or should I better say the remarks of the head mistress (cause she was really smooth) didn’t have much effects. They were quiet for a lesson and the next lesson they will have forgotten about it!
    See how things change… for good or bad, who knows!

  3. Sho_Sho said,

    Speaking from the point of view of a former al-Bayyan school student, back in the day when I was in this school, it was very strict, we used to buy our uniforms from school, we used to all wear the same skirt and the same blouse, all have the same design and fabric, we were yield at if we didn’t wear the school logo, no makeup was allowed and extreme hair cuts weren’t allowed, isn’t that what you were objecting on, but guess what thinking about it now, it all makes sense to me, these strict rules taught us how to be modest, we all looked alike , dressed alike and were the same, you can’t tell the difference between us when it comes to our families finical state from our looks which basically was the point of in forcing this kind of rules, and that was in our days, when we were more than obedient, we used to follow rules because we were taught that teachers are to be respected no one forgets بيت الشعر : قم للمعم وفه التبجيلا .. كاد المعلم ان يكون رسولا

    I mean being as strict as they were or even more is because of the drastic change that occurred over the past 7 to 8 years, pupils are very different these days, I won’t say better or worse I will just say different, not as obedient that is for sure add to that the change in personalities and mentalities now, I mean what we were allowed to do after graduating from high school is allowed in primary schools, lol it’s funny when I think that I was allowed to have a phone after I graduated from high school while my little brother had it since he was in the 5th grade, how pathetic do I sound.

    Being tolerant is the key, in force rules and be strict but be tolerant, all that those young people need is companionship and someone to talk to, kids are growing beyond their age because of T.V and Internet, we need to try to step into their world and understand, because as we studied in physics for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
    I hope I am making sense 😀 .. thanks for the post

    • mimizwords said,

      Sho Sho thank you for your contribution. I guess you know better what went on the school since you have been one of the students. I see what you mean by saying that the point was to be all the same and be modest. But this does not explain teacher’s behavior when they take the girls’ things and use them in front of them or use insults does it? I am really in no position to say if girls are worst these days or not at school, it just seems that everyone say the new generation is worst than the one before, I used to hear this all the way through school. The society is changing no doubt about that and it has its effects on girls ..

  4. iman said,

    hey i had 2 posts yesterday…have they been removed?
    if so, that is disappointing

    • mimizwords said,

      NO THEY HAVENT … on this post was it? I never delet people’s comment even if I didnt like them I assure you .. can you repost? I dont know what went wrong

  5. alma wad said,

    Sorry for your bad experiences at your school. I went to secondary school in Hungary, Europe 20 years ago … we had uniform . and we liked it . just one single jacket in art -deco inspired style …. I still have it somewhere at home …under the jacket it was allowed to wear any color or style … but hair coloring or make up was not allowed at all … our form teacher was terrible .. she thought she had the right to tell us what we were allowed to do after school though it was our parents right .. at any time that there was a rock concert or big dance at the town she would turn up to be sure that no one of her pupils would enter the event … she was a big communist .. she believed what she makes was the right thing to do … she was even against karate … she strictly prohibited it though it was organized by the secondary school’s team …

  6. Angie Nader said,

    any teacher who take something from a child and take it as her own …is just mean! and i think mean-ness is something inside of a person and cant be part of a job description.

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