Qatari Male Intern for Writing Project

March 15, 2010 at 2:31 pm (1, doha events, education, writing)

(BQFP) is considering working on a project that would give young Qatari boys the chance to develop their writing skills around the theme of ‘growing up’ or what we call coming of age stories; the ages of the boys we’d work with would be 16-17.

In conjunction with the professional writer who would conduct the workshops, we’d like to have a male Qatari intern, preferably college age or just out, who is interested in writing and would want to work on the project as a writing mentor to the boys (and provide some translation in workshops/reading material when needed). This would be for a month, likely in May, and paid.

We’re looking to collect autobiographical stories from senior Qatari high school students (approx 16-17yrs) that give a broad range of coming of age experience. The final production will depend on the range and quality of stories submitted, either a magazine, book or booklet in both English and Arabic. Stories could be submitted in Arabic or English, but we’re looking for personal point-in-time narratives rather than essays.

We would look to work with approximately five Qatari schools – two classes from each school to give ten classes in total.

Details on the Project

The programme would consist of:

* An introduction/orientation with the teachers to let them know what we’re looking for, and what we can offer the students

* An in-school workshop of an hour to an hour and a half duration where we outline what we’re looking for and I workshop writing principles with students

* An in-depth workshop for interested writers at the Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Villa (approximately 4 hours) where we focus on the elements of writing –

plot, character, dialogue etc.

* The opportunity for participants attending the in-depth workshop to e-mail stories to me for feedback and development suggestions prior to final submission

please email: Mohana


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