Evidence for what exactly?

April 27, 2010 at 8:26 am (Qatari culture, Society, work)

Following from my previous post, this is evidence of what has been discussed, could those who said that Qataris are whining for no reason give us an explanation now?

I am interested to here your thoughts when provided with strong evidence from CANADA admitting there is scamming going on! Or is the canadian government wrong and understand that these are ‘highly qualified and experienced’ expats???


” The president of the College of the North Atlantic, Jean Madill, tendered her resignation on Monday shortly after the government of Newfoundland and Labrador announcedthat at least a third of the staff at the college’s Qatar campus had been overpaid by $5-million. The provincial government did not say whether the resignation was linked to the overpayments, according to the CBC. The salary error means the money must be paid back to the government by the employees, according to a report in the St John’s Telegram. More than 300 Canadians are on the staff of the Qatar campus, which bills itself as “Qatar’s premier comprehensive technical college.”



  1. Kbaisi said,

    Wow, good find. Sadly this is just one of many scams going on, and this further proves what we were saying in the other topic that the issues is with WHO are getting these work visas, I mean I understand an occasional blunder, but $ 5 mill is clearly indicative of some serious breaches going on. And to add insult to injury it was the Canadians who were nice enough to identify this, bring notice to it and attempt to rectify it on behalf of the sleeping Qataris.

    I blame the Qataris more because they are the ones hiring these crooks without checking their background, and it is also them who ignore talented Qataris because they may perceive them as a potential threat.

  2. Stretch said,

    I don’t see any evidence, where any ‘scamming’ is going on. From reading two of the articles you provided links for Canada’s Minister of Education has stated that they determined errors were made in determining salaries.

    “We have recently been notified by the college that errors were made in determining salaries for employees of the Qatar campus and we are taking action to identify how these errors occurred and immediately address the current situation,”

    Before you jump to further conclusions, how do we know who specifically made the errors, how they were made, and how they went undetetected.

    Imagine for a minute that you just found out that your employer had wrongly determined your salary and you would now be required to pay back, the amount you’d been overpaid. Which is what they’re suggesting will happen here. I, for one, would be furious which is probably why there was a call for President of the College to resign. I rather doubt (call me naive if you like) this person was knowlegeable of what had transpired, but they’re the person responsible in the end.

    I would suggest there some gross incompetence here, rather than scamming and who’s to say it was an expat that made in error? Personally, I wouldn’t care whether it was a Qatari National or an expat that made the error. What difference does that make? A serious error, but in my humble opinion there was no intent on any scam here. I may be proved wrong once the investigation is conducted…. so will look forward to hearing more on this.

    • ILOVEQATAR said,

      the only problem the error is visible in the so called “professional expats” lifestyle here in doha and their compensations btw. So, it is not a unique case, but a national phenomena.

      the “professional expats” here are over paid and compensated more than similar levels NATIONALS, which is quite frequent and apparent. this is the argument. The Canadian Government happens to have higher standard of ethics and a more rigorous legal system with a good checking mechanism.

      Thank you Canada, we love you.

  3. Rusty said,


    Your previous post was thought-provoking and raised an important point (although the repeated reduction of all Westerners to a “blond and blue-eyed” stereotype undermines the credibility of the argument).

    But the only way this new news story might logically support your previous point (as I understood it) is if Western expats were in charge of accounting and payroll and were not competent enough to detect and correct the error. That’s possible (and even probable), but is hardly proof that the blue-eyed blondes are out to strip Qatar of all its resources.

    What was the error? People were paid more than they were supposed to be paid under the agreement with the Qatari government or QF and CNA-Q inappropriately claimed reimbursement from Qatar. There is no indication in this article or others that Western expats made out better from this error than other expats or nationals. There’s not even any information breaking down CNA-Q employees by nationality.

    Nor does the story indicate, as you seem to imply, that the provincial government in Canada decided that people were consciously awarded compensation packages that far exceeded the value of their work.

    This is an important topic and I’m not excusing what happened at CNA-Q, but this kind of stretching for evidence doesn’t strengthen your point.


  4. Marjorie in Qatar said,

    I read this morning. It’s shocking, and I can’t imagine the level of gross incompetence or corruption that would lead to something like this happening.

    How are you tying it back to your previous point, though? Are you saying that the existence of incompetence or corruption provides evidence for your claim that other people of similar skin color as them are overpaid? If so you might want to rethink about what a gargantuan insult that is. 🙂

    • ILOVEQATAR said,

      hahaha, trying to run away from the real problem here.

      most professional expats are paid and compensated more than professional Nationals.

      this is the problem. so stop being arrogant and present me some real arguments or evidence. otherwise, just admit it my favorite Marjorie.

  5. Kbaisi said,

    Most of you are missing the point and what she posted is entirely relevant. Her argument is not that they are being overpaid compared to Qataris, her point is that a lot of these people earning these high salaries may at times not be fit for the roles they hold, and irrespective of their experience/qualifications they will be placed over a Qatari who may be more suitable for the job. In addition to them being placed in roles where they can make executive decisions, it has an additional harmful effect of them not being competent and capable of developing Qataris who may have the qualifications but lack the experience.

    So yes this is an example of incompetence, and let’s be serious, I doubt it was the cleaners or the security guards who were benefiting from this mishap. This isn’t a bank, it’s an educational institution and it bewilders me how $5mill will just disappear without anybody noticing, we aren’t talking about a few thousands riyals people, so let’s not pretend that this was just a negligible error. Even if it was a Qatari/Indian or whatever who was responsible for this it’s still happened in an institution where expats were brought in for their skills and expertise, so at the end of the day whatever you want to claim, the responsibility lies with those who were brought in for their professionalism and were supposed to be showing people in Qatar how to do things the ‘proper” way. And how $5mill can slip under their nose is just ridiculous.

    • Stretch said,

      I don’t for a minute think anyone just happened to ‘miss’ 5M. Kinda hard for so many not to notice…. I think more likely a flaw or fault in how they determined what salaries should be paid. But that is, again, only my assumption in reading about it.

      It’s too bad we always have to read about actual news anywhere than in our own local newspapers….

      Kbaisi said…. “that a lot of these people earning these high salaries may at times not be fit for the roles they hold, and irrespective of their experience/qualifications they will be placed over a Qatari who may be more suitable for the job. ”

      You seem to be making a judgement that a highly paid expat made this mistake. Yes, bottom line stops with the head of the organization, or maybe HR, but what if it was a Qatari that was making the error…. how would you then explain your theory?

      • Kbaisi said,

        @ Stretch

        No, my judgment is that the highly expats are here to ensure such mistakes don’t happen, not that they are directly responsible for what happened. However, indirectly they are definitely responsible as they are brought here to ensure professionalism. So if some Qatari was the guy who was responsible, why did it take this long for them to identify the problem? I don’t know if you’re familiar with how these institutions work, but from the top executives to the low level supervisors, they are all people who are hired to bring the ‘Expat’ skills so to speak.

        If they hired some incompetent Qatari, and no one is keeping check on him, clearly the faults lies with their administration which is supposed to be capable of realizing that big sums of money are being played around with, thus they are not bringing the ‘western’ standards to Qatar because this sort of mishap in educational institution of such a large scale is expected in developing countries, that is why I said this I said earlier that this is not a bank, it would be much easier to keep tabs on the accounts here.

        If it was a Qatari institution promising to bring western standards to Qatar and a Westerner was responsible for money going missing then I’d blame the Qataris for not keeping checks on him, but as it is it is expats who are being hired to bring the skills and competence.

      • ILOVEQATAR said,

        I think it’s time that Qatar start real investment in Qataris, instead of spending billions on Qatar Foundation, Islamic Museum, Aspire. The only people who are benefited from this are the overly paid and compensated “professional expats”, and Qatari Citizens were not found on either end of this table.

        why doesn’t Qatar invest in the development of its own people (effectively I mean)?

        And please, don’t tell me QF was effective in that, since we know who are the biggest beneficiaries of this organization beside Marjorie.

      • Marjorie in Qatar said,

        lol ILOVEQATAR, maybe you should accuse someone of living large off of QF’s budget who *hasn’t* already disclosed that they (a) took a pay cut to move to Qatar and (b) were hired as a local hire.

    • Marjorie in Qatar said,

      Why are you saying “Her argument is not that they are being overpaid compared to Qataris”? The very title of this post is “Evidence for expats being overpaid.” But this story is evidence that some people were committing shocking fraud, not that expats are systematically overpaid compared to Qataris.

      Of course in any organization some people earning high salaries may not be fit for the roles they hold. That is true irrespective of what country you’re talking about or what ethnicity is in the role. You wouldn’t want us to hold up every example of incompetence perpetrated by Qataris as proof that Qataris are on the whole incompetent; that would be ignorant and racist. So how is it NOT racist to say “some white people committed fraud, so white people generally should be paid less”?

    • Rusty said,

      If this was a systemic error (the payroll software was set to run 13 times for a year instead of 12 or a wrong QR-C$ exchange rate was entered and used for a year before anyone noticed), they could have easily spent $5m more than they were supposed to. It doesn’t mean the money disappeared or that there was fraud. And maybe then everyone, including the cleaners and security guards, did get more than they were supposed to. We just don’t know from the vague (so far) stories. Again, it doesn’t excuse the incompetence, but it is a stretch to draw deeper implications at this point.

      It is noteworthy that this was caught, reported openly in the media (I first saw this on the CBC), someone took responsibility for it, and the money is being paid back.

      • Marjorie in Qatar said,

        That’s a very good point. I assumed embezzlement or some such because of the huge quantity of money, but maybe somehow there was some other kind of screw-up.

        I once deposited a check in Qatari riyals into an American bank account, and they used the exchange rate for the SAUDI riyal. I happened to notice, but it did make me wonder how often slip-ups like that happen and never get caught.

  6. jerk said,

    Like Rusty said. If this is a problem of CNA-Q paying more than it’s supposed to, and giving out contracts that were larger than permissible, then it has little to do with expat workers’ competence or skill at all. I speculate that the expat workers were simply hired at fair market rate, which happened to be disallowed by agreement or law.

    If you’re gonna trash talk expats, why don’t you pick a halfway decent reason to do so? This one is probably not such a good choice.

  7. jerk said,

    And perhaps Qatari workers, too. We dunno who was overpaid yet.

    • ILOVEQATAR said,

      only canadians and “blue eyes”, since i asked an indian I know there and he told me he wasn’t overpaid at all!

      • Marjorie in Qatar said,

        One Indian wasn’t overpaid, therefore all overpaid people were white. Your logic is breathtaking.

  8. Kbaisi said,

    @ Marjorie: Because this here is clearly evidence of incompetence/fraud, which was what she discussed in her other topic about some of the expats being here to exploit the resources, there was more to her other article than systematic pay discrimination.

    I never used this as proof that ‘expats’ on the whole are incompetent, i specifically stated before that no distinction is made when they hire expats, this sort of negligence is is ridiculous especially for such a small scale institution. Such problems can be avoided if they were meticulous with the hiring process and ensured their were proper checks in place.

  9. Kbaisi said,

    @ Marjorie: also why are introducing racism into this? Expats can be white, black or even Arab, there are a lot of Canadian Arabs, expats does not equal ‘white’.

    • Marjorie in Qatar said,

      Kbaisi, you make it sound like our employers just rounded up people from random street corners to hire! 🙂 I know my credentials were checked before I got hired here, and I would assume CNA-Q does similar things. That doesn’t catch all bad people, unfortunately.

      I am of course aware that not all my compatriots are white. I am not the one who introduced the “blond haired blue eyed” motif into this conversation.

    • youareracist said,

      Kbaisi: this entire discussion is full of racism. So was the previous blog post. Who are you kidding? It’s sick. Reading this makes me feel sick, so maybe I’ll stop.

      We don’t know who screwed up, or why, and yet somehow it demostrates that expats are either incompetent or evil? What kind of twisted nonsense is that? Get some real information, you idiot.

      • mimizwords said,

        The topic is not racist, we just want to be treated equally in our own country.

        However, I dedicate this for you:

        Everyone’s a little bit racist
        Doesn’t mean we go
        Around committing hate crimes.
        Look around and you will find
        No one’s really color blind.
        Maybe it’s a fact
        We all should face
        Everyone makes judgments
        Based on race.

        If we all could just admit
        That we are racist a little bit,
        Even though we all know
        That it’s wrong,
        Maybe it would help us
        Get along.

        Everyone’s a little bit racist
        It’s true.
        But everyone is just about
        As racist as you!
        If we all could just admit
        That we are racist a little bit,
        And everyone stopped being
        So PC
        Maybe we could live in –

      • youareracist said,

        mimizwords: You’re using this blog post to argue that expats are *scamming* at CNA-Q. And yet, you have *no actual information* showing this — more likely it was a clerical error. So the way I see it, you’re either stupid or racist. Which is it?

      • Kbaisi said,

        @ you’rearacist : It’s called common sense, something you clearly lack.

  10. sarcasm said,

    I thought it was obvious that The blond hair blue eyed concept was out of sarcasm, of course not all westerners have blond hair and blue eyes, some even have brown eyes just like us. Lol

    • Rusty said,

      Hmm, I’m more likely than most to attribute something to sarcasm or irony or satire, but I can’t say I caught any of the clues that the blond hair blue eye concept was out of sarcasm. I shrugged my shoulders the first time she used the phrase, but was rolling my eyes by the time I got to the end and it had been repeated several times. Maybe living here has made me so scared of causing offense that my ironic sensibilities are deserting me…

      • Marjorie in Qatar said,

        If people referred to everyone from a specific country as, I don’t know, nappy-haired or hook-nosed or slant-eyed, I don’t think it would be viewed as “sarcasm.”

        I do think it was initially used as a semi-joking metonymy and it reminded me of how I might say that someone gets a certain salary because he “wears a thobe.” But yeah, after a while the Aryan connotation got a bit uncomfortable.

        -brown-haired, brown-eyed Marjorie

  11. mimizwords said,

    ok people .. do not let my choice of word divert us from the main topic, it was a joke thats all

  12. mimizwords said,

    @ youareracist

    I pissed you off didn’t I, hahahhaha good!

    Yes I am racist, you have a problem with that? who are you going to complain to?

    and next time, if you want to contribute to this blog, watch your mouth and at least pretend to be civilized.

    • Kbaisi said,

      @ mimi

      don’t block that idiot’s comments, they are amusing, yeah they are mad! LOL!

      • whatyousay said,

        Mimiz, I’m still waiting. Now that we know the problems at CNA-Q were actually made by some people in Canada, will you apologize for insulting all of the expat workers in Qatar? On this issue they did nothing wrong. Apologizing is only proper, though I don’t expect you will.

  13. ILOVEQATAR said,

    This so funny that makes me wana makes go outside and put a sticker on most of you guys who are arguing in favor of such an inequality.

    believe me guys, we know our country better than all of you, and allow me to say this, even if we brought you statistics supported by bank statements. You will still say “oh no, they are skilled, that’s why they make that much, oh no (but really yes) Qatari Citizens with same qualifications and post and paid less, how unfortunate for them, oh no the evidence is not quite clear, can you upload a video interview with bank statments pdf, and maybe passport copies just so we make sure that “professional expats” are being paid more than “professional Qataris”.

    by the way paid is the wrong term, since we, citizens, all know that expats are not only paid more but compensated on every aspect of social need!

    “If you steal something small you are a petty thief, but if you steal millions you are a “professional expat who was hired by CNA-Q” and the HR system messed up, so nobody noticed FIVE MILLIONS Qatari Riyals missing!!”

    • Marjorie in Qatar said,

      I’m not seeing people arguing in favor of inequality! But it’s dumb to use the fact that someone at CNA made some sort of mistake as supposed evidence for the idea all expats are overpaid.

      As for QF pay, I can say that the people who work for me get the same salary regardless of nationality. The distinction at QF is not based on passport but on where you were living before you were hired; expat hires get benefits that local hires don’t (mainly housing) because QF has to offer more to people it wants to relocate to a new country than it does to people who are looking for a job in the country they already live in.

      I have agreed all along that this system is unfair. However, what’s notable to me is that this entire discussion here has been cast as “blond blue-eyed Anglo-Saxons” vs. “Qataris,” and in my office almost nobody meets either description. Most of us are non-Qataris who are hired as local hires, so we get NEITHER the perks of the expat positions NOR the perks of Qatari nationality. It seems like the vast majority of workers in Qatar don’t fit into either of the categories Mimi has brought up, which makes it very strange to me that the inequity she’s focusing on is the one between the two most elite groups in society, instead of the more blindingly obvious ones between skilled and unskilled workers, and between Qatari citizens and permanent residents without Qatari citizenship.

      • mimizwords said,

        I have discussed the issue of unskilled labour before. I have also mentioned the skilled arab expats in this blog (read again about my pharmacist friend) so they are also included in this argument.

        and I am not just talking about the elite group (like COs) here at all. lets take the example of doctors for example. Every Qatari doctor is underpaid compared with western expats who have the same rank and years of experience. not only that, but even western expats of lower ranks are paid more (look back at the example I gave). and this is not just once example, I am talking about ALL doctors.

        Another example is Senior engineers at QP. All Senior Qatari Engineers are not paid as much as western ones who also have the same rank and years of experience.

      • Marjorie in Qatar said,


        I’d never heard that about Qatari doctors, and that is really unfortunate. As I’ve said repeatedly, I think this is a bad system. Qataris ought to be paid the same as Germans for the same work… and so should Sri Lankans. 🙂

        I think the reason they’re NOT currently paid the same is obvious, though, and I don’t think it’s racial prejudice. If your economy requires a certain number of Europeans, for example, to function, then you’re going to have to pay those people high enough wages to lure them away from Europe. Since people living here in Qatar (whether they’re Qataris like you, or Egyptians like your pharmacist friend, or Americans like me) don’t have to be “lured” here, they’re willing to work for less pay. That’s why I said that, at least in Ed City, it’s where you were living when hired and not what kind of passport you have that determines pay. So from where I sit, the problem is those unfair market forces, not anti-Qatari prejudice. But, as you point out, I have limited experience in the Qatari workforce because I’ve always worked at Ed City. Maybe other places are more discriminatory and I’m just oblivious to it.

  14. Stretch said,

    As reported in the Gulf Times today, it seems the financial accounting error was not even made by someone working in Qatar, but rather those employed by CNA in Canada….. which would make the argument trying to be made in this post, irrelevant.

  15. Iloveqatar said,

    the best way to fix the problem is to modify the contracts and state the REAL OVERPAID SALARIES instead of the miscalculated ones.

    > stretch : you should know a lot of people from education city, why don’t you ask a qatari and blue eye expat with the same function and title, and see who gets compensated more.

    not admitting the problem doesn’t make disappear!

    • genesis said,

      with all due respect bro, you started to lose creditability.

      If you think that expats at CNA or QF are the highest paid…i suggest you think again.

      As you’re much aware , there is a minimum wage where they come from. and plus there are no Qataris to fulfill each & every job

      so, let’s just cut those guys some slack

      I work in a semi-government sector and none of my department staff are Qataris except for the clerk

      Not because i don’t want to recruit Qataris. But the available jobs are technical

      None of the Qatari engineers wants to work in the semi-government sector anymore. After unifying the HR law

      Off course that’s makes us frustrated

      Yet i don’t see a reason why is the grudge is directed towards the 30-60k earning expats who works in the education sector while ignoring the unexplainable salaries of staff at some banks or aljazeera for instance
      I thought the issue in question here, is the unreasonable salaries of some senior western expatriates and not the entire western expatriates population

      Let’s not forget, that the higher percentage of those expatriates are in fact working for international companies who resides in Qatar.

  16. Stretch said,

    I don’t know why you would assume I ‘should know a lot of people from education city’. In fact, I can’t think of anyone that works there that I know of at the moment. I only knew one friend and she made a very quick exit, only lasted a couple of months, even though she was paid very well. Money isnt everything to all people you know……

    In a previous job I worked with a young Qatari girl who was grossly overpaid, worked about 1 hour per day, then either studied or ‘whatever’, (which the company was paying for) left at 2:30pm while the rest of us expats worked til 4 or 5pm. It swings both ways…..

    That’s why there should be none of the imposed restrictions, no sponsorship issues so everyone is free to make your their own choices. Including both the employer and the employee.

  17. Alberuni said,

    We all have a little bit of evil within us. Its all about controlling it and not letting it take us over. In my office, the top management (who are mainly Qatari or with blue eye passport) is very obsessed with blue eye passport syndrome. So to impress them, easy route for the middle management is recruit based on the passports rather than the qualification or motivation to work. Results in a vicious cycle of ‘Garbage in Garbage out’ which the country needs to live with.

  18. mimizwords said,

    @ Whatyousay

    OMG! you are totally right! How dare I accuse these people, I should have known that their heart is in the wellbeing of this country since they are not here for the money. I am so ashamed of myself to have even thought that some expats are treated better than Qataris, What the hell was I thinking? I am sure that all those stories I heard from different Qataris are just a bunch of lies.

  19. Talal said,

    Dear Mimi

    It is a lost cause. It does not matter what you say, or how much evidence you give. They will always say ‘This is irrelevant’ or even say things that have nothing to do with your argument such as ‘ you are racist’! or ‘you hate your country’ I mean what kind of logic is this?. They will believe in what they want to believe, that is the bottom of the line here.

    I have been a regular reader of your blog, and I find it funny that only now so many expatriates are suddenly concerned with what you wrote only because it touches them. Whenever you criticize Qataris, they are happy and never say anything about it.

    They think no one is up to them. That Qataris do not know what is going on, but we do and now they are trying to cover the truth

    To be honest, this is not their fault. It is the fault of our government that allows such things to happen.

    As an advice, do not even bother and reply to them. I do not understand how suddenly every thing is not relevant.

    All the best,


    • nosir said,

      Talal, aren’t you arguing against reality and losing?

      In this blog post, Mimiz was arguing that expats were scamming Qataris at CNA-Q. And yet, the facts show that whatever happened, it happened in Canada. Was it a mistake? Was it a scam? I don’t know. But whatever happened had nothing to do with expats — it happened in Canada, not Qatar! Expats had nothing to do with that — they just worked their jobs like everyone does. So Mimiz was wrong.

      She might have many reasonable complaints about expats and Qataris. This was not one of them.

  20. Tamimi said,


    For those of you who don’t know, here are the key facts about the case at CNA-Q; the employees at the college are classified as either resident of Canada, all Canadians, or resident of Qatar, Canadians & other nationalities. Those classified as resident of Canada get a higher pay, about 50% more if I am not mistaken, than the other group. The mistake, be it intentional or unintentional, was that many “Canadians” who don’t qualify as residents of Canada, were classified as such, and so they were paid more than they should have.

    The sad fact is it was the auditors from NL who found the error; even though the Qatari government pays the bill for everything, the State Audit Bureau is not allowed to audit CNA-Q! Just imagine what we would find out if all the universities at EC were to be audited by the State Audit Bureau; I have a gut feeling the 5m would look like pocket change compared to all the money being overcharged over the years by these universities. 0_0

    يقول الله تعالى: ﴿.. إن الله لايغير مابقوم حتى يغيروا مابأنفسهم وإذا أراد الله بقومٍ سوءً فلا مرد له ومالهم من دونه من والٍ ﴾[ الرعد:11]

  21. Stretch said,

    Now I see where/how the mistake was made.

    Canadians considered residents of Canada, working at the college are paid in Canadian funds and would be making more, as 40-50% tax is taken straight off our paycheques to the Canadian government.

    However, depending on various factors, Canadians CAN BE deemed to be non-resident status of Canada (we have been declared as such, since moving here over 10 yrs ago), which means we pay no tax, to the Canadian government. This process, can be lengthy and take time to determine. If these Canadians were to return to Canada before a 2 year period, they would be taxable regardless.

    So, perhaps they were being paid on the ‘resident’ status and now that 2 years have passed, they realize that some are considered non-resident and no longer required to pay the tax, hence the mix-up. It still should have been thought about and realized this might happen, in advance, by finance people rather that ‘after the fact’ which appears to be the case here.

    But at least I can understand how it may have happened. This is quite different from many other countries (like US and UK I believe) where their citizens pay tax regardless of where they live.

    This may occur in other companies and educational organizations, but I rather doubt it considering the uniqueness of this situation.

    Which is why when I was offered a job at CNA-Q years ago here, I wanted to be clear if I would be paid in Canadian funds, or in Qatar riyals so I would be aware of the tax implications. If I were to be paid in Canadian funds I would never have taken the job as the administrative position salary would not have made it worthwhile, once I had 40% tax taken off it. I didn’t take the job anyways…. but did have to consider all the implications.

    …..and might I say, Qataris know nothing about having to get 40-50% of their salaries deducted to pay tax….. to provide services for your country. It’s all paid for you…..

    • Tamimi said,

      “and might I say, Qataris know nothing about having to get 40-50% of their salaries deducted to pay tax….. to provide services for your country. It’s all paid for you”
      It is paid for by the state which gets the money from selling “our” oil & gas, so, in fact, we are paying for it. Likewise, the expats who work for, say QF, have the option of free housing or a housing allowance, which ever they prefer. Just because they get free housing does not mean they are not “paying” for it as they are giving up their housing allowance.

      Would an American be correct in saying that you, a Canadian, don’t have to pay for your health care because it is paid for you! At least you have say over how the money is to be spent; how many Qataris do you think were asked if they agreed to all the spending going in our country?

      Just to clarify, the Canadians who work for the college don’t have to pay taxes on their benefits (housing, travel, etc.) as long as they don’t work in Qatar for more than 3 years. They also get to keep their government pension. I could be wrong but I think local hires get fewer benefits & some benefits are not given to them at all.

      Sadly, the contract between CNA & Qatar states that all teaching & counseling, jobs have to be filled by Canadians; this has made it extremely difficult for the college to find good recruits to fill the job vacancies. Although the college has hired a Qatari to teach the security program, & someone from Texas A&M at the engineering school, they still won’t hire non-Canadians for the other schools where there is a severe shortage of qualified teachers, accounting for example.

      Unfortunately, based on what some of the teachers have told me, some of the higher ups (Canadian & Qatari alike) at the college prefer to hire and renew people’s contracts based on their loyalty to them as opposed to them being of good caliber. Why can’t we, the good Qataris & Canadians, unite against these evil doers? 

      • CamelToe said,

        Tamimi said “At least you have say over how the money is to be spent; how many Qataris do you think were asked if they agreed to all the spending going in our country?”

        It’s called taxation with representation. We expats pay taxes and consequently have a voice in the policies and rules in our countries. Here in Qatar it seems that most citizens are happy to sacrifice their right to vote and have a voice in national affairs in return for being financially taken care of like they are by the government. Free health care, free education, free utilities, interest free loans.

        Most Qataris are, I think, happy with the arrangement. Do you honestly think most would willingly trade all that for the ability to vote for elected representatives?

  22. Tamimi said,

    CamelToe said, “Do you honestly think most would willingly trade all that for the ability to vote for elected representatives?”
    I’ll presume that that is not a rhetorical question and give answer to it.

    First of all, I was responding to the point that Qataris don’t have to pay an income tax. Also, remember what I said, “It is paid for by the state which gets the money from selling “our” oil & gas, so, in fact, we are paying for it.” All the Free stuff you mentioned is paid for with our money, it’s just we have no say over how it’s being spent.

    Second, if you’ve been following the discussion going on this blog post, and in the local Arabic newspapers, you should be able to see that at least some (I’d say most) Qataris feel frustrated over the fact that they can’t do much about the problem of unskilled expats who are hired and compensated as if they were skilled. Just to clarify, I am not saying that most expats are unskilled, or that there are not unskilled Qataris being hired, I am simply saying that the cost of hiring an unskilled expat was the most likely cause of the CNA-Q case, assuming it was unintentional mistake. However, if it was an intentional “mistake,” well, I don’t to draw you a picture!

  23. Lucky said,

    I think the real question is this: How do companies treat the blond haired blue eyed Qatari-Americans? Do they get the benefits of expat salaries inflated for blue eyes in addition to the job security provided by Qatarization rules? Sounds like the future is bright for all those Qatari-Americans with Scandinavian heritage.

  24. nosir said,

    Lucky: I don’t see how having Scandinavian heritage means anything, in itself. As we’ve discussed extensively, expats living in Qatar tend to get hired at local wages. Your question is boring. Try again.

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