Creativity Blockers

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I believe that every human being is creative because it is simply the natural order of life. Progress is the inevitable result of creativity. Believing in oneself is the first step towards unleashing the natural flow of creativity, and so I call creative people ‘believers’.

‘Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness’ Shakti Gawain

Facing our doubts and believing in our abilities is already a hard thing to accomplish. But once we have reached self-acceptance we seek the acceptance of others in order to have a sense of safety and belonging. We think that without the appreciation of others the circle of creativity cannot be complete. Therefore, we should take a second and think of those around us and how they affect our lives.

Our lives is full of sabotagers, or as I would like to call them creativity blockers. They create a toxic environment for creative ideas to grow. They strive on sabotaging other’s accomplishments in any way possible. Those who may capsize your creativity do so because their own creativity is blocked. They are stuck and cannot move forward and try to glue others around them in the same spot. Look out for those who are always late and do not care about your time; those who only remember you when they are in trouble; those who are always pessimistic and drain your energy; those who do not appreciate you and try to put you down; those who find your own progress disturbing. Creativity blockers manipulate new believers by making them feel guilty about leaving them behind or doubting their ability to succeed.

A different kind of creativity blockers are Crazy Makers. Julia Cameron describes them in her book ‘The Artist’s Way’ as charismatic, charming and powerfully persuasive and can create storm centers and take over your whole life. They like drama; require constant attention; spend your time and money and are expert blamers. It might be someone in your life or it might be you!

I have personally encountered many kinds of creativity blockers and crazy makers. Some have consumed my time and energy for silly problems when they didn’t even intend to help themselves. Some have doubted my ability to reach certain goals. Some have even questioned the purpose of my goals. Some have attacked me for expressing my ideas and some were suspicious of my desire to progress. It has been hard to keep moving forward and I am sure there are more obstacles in the way. The more we progress the more crazy people will come across our path. But failure to ask questions and express ideas is failure to exist and we should never give up.

Block those creativity blockers out of your life for good. Do not let their fears and self-doubt get into you. Never doubt yourself no matter how hard the criticism might be, follow your passion and soon others will follow.

القافلة تسير والكلاب تنبح  

وما أكثر الكلاب التي تنبح في زماننا هذا



  1. muhas said,

    Only way for laggards to stay ahead is by blocking the rest further behind…..

  2. N California said,

    “The shadow is our dark side, which dictates how we should act and behave. When we try to free ourselves from the Persona, we turn in a light inside us and we see the cobwebs, the cowardice, the meanness. The Shadow is there to stop our progress, and it usually succeeds, and we turn back to what we were before we doubted. However, some do survive this wncounter with their own cobwebs, saying: ‘Yes, I have a few faults but I’m good enough, and I want to go forward.’ At this moment, the shadow disappears and we come into contact with the Soul.

    By Soul, Jung didn’t mean ‘soul’ in the religious sense; he speaks of a return to the Sould of the World, the source of all knowledge. Insticts become sharper, emotions more radical, the interpretations of signs become more important than logic, perceptions of reality grow less rigid. we start to struggle with things to which we are unaccustomed and we start to react in ways that we ourselves find unexpected.” Coelho, Paulo. Witch of Portobello.

    • mimizwords said,

      Dear N California

      Thank you for your contribution. I remember this was one of the books that have truly influenced my positive thinking. His writings move something in you don’t they!

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