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As a Qatari woman who has lived abroad and returned to life in a conservative society, writing is my way of remaining true to own my thoughts and dreams. In this Blog, I aim to share my thoughts- things I could not share with others because they would have thought me even more different than they suspected.The pursuit of freedom and adventure dominates my life. I find writing to be both liberating and adventurous; I express myself and discover it at the same time.

My objective is to have a platform to publish my writings and express myself freely, and to familiarize myself with the reader’s interests and opinions of topics that matters to me. In  a way also, to pulicize for my writining ,and in another to make change through reader’s prespective. I view also this as a learning and developing process.

You might agree, or disagree, niether matters. Because the point is to express ourselves,  start a dialogue and exchange of ideas as long as we communicate with each other in a civil way.



  1. David Kaufer said,

    Dear Maryam,
    Thanks for pointing me to your blog. I find your personal accounts of Qatari culture fascinating, revealing, and when you want to, written in pristine English prose. How ironic that foreigners stereotype Qataris unfairly when, as you point out, Qataris are actually non-judgmental toward foreigners. Oh, but how judgmental Qataris are to one another and especially to unmarried Qatari women. There’s a book to be written just to document this dynamic, its truth across the society and the reasons behind it. I’ve just finished reading a book called “Women of Fez: Ambiguities of Urban Life in Morocco” by anthropolist Rachel Newcomb (Univ Penn Press) and if you look at it, you will find parallels between the observations you are making in Doha and those Newcomb makes in Fez. I believe there’s a book in your cumulative observations about Qatar and you’re the one to write it

    • Hissa said,

      Dear Maryam,

      It’s very interesting to know who you are?
      God bless you. I’m proud of you and I do agree with Mr. David. You are the one to write it.

      I wish for you all the luck

    • QP said,


      “Qataris are actually non-judgmental toward foreigners”? Really? I think that by “foreigners” you mean “Americans.”

  2. Fee said,

    Dear Mimi

    You sound like an amazingly talented girl through the expression you emote in your writing. Your statements are very reflective of the person you are and the injustice you evaluate in life. Life seems a great deal unfair to you and it is through your writing that you can express the cries of happiness and pain you feel simultaneously. You explore the world with beautiful eyes but look to find darkness in many areas of hope. I wish those grey clouds will clear one day and that the sparkle of life bounces your way

    With love


  3. intlxpatr said,

    I just discovered your blog and read it from one end to another. I love the way you lift the curtain, and allow those of us who are guests in your country to understand a little better a different way of thinking.

    Once we have lived in another country, we are never the same, are we? We no longer see through one set of eyes, but through a variety of lenses. It might be a little schizophrenic, but it also gives a more complex and detailed view of the world, allows us to step back just a little further and widen our perspective.

    I can’t wait to see what you write about next. This is a superior blog in every way. Mabruk!

  4. Mashael K. said,

    Hello M,,
    I have read all your wonderful topics
    The most interesting thing was what you wrote about “writing” and what an amazing instructions you gave about how can one develop his writing,,
    I will try to apply what you said,,I’ll even start on learning how to write I mean from zero =)
    I wish you success in the near future because you are one of the people who deserve success
    I have faith in you , you’ll be a strong impact on the lives of others no matter how,,
    “ your future is so bright that almost burn my eyes” oprah winfrey >> I don’t like oprah but I remembered this quote when I was writing this comment =)
    Thank You ^_^

  5. Greeker said,

    The history of the world is the history of a few who had faith in themselves.

    Strong, you think, strong you’ll be. Weak, you think, weak you’ll be.

    Strength is life. Weakness, is death!

    -Swami Vivekannanda.

    (nuff said)

  6. Aafke said,

    I came to visit after reading your beautiful heartwrenching poem there. Your blog is great thanks for sharing so much.

    And I love your photo! 😀

  7. Aafke said,

    I meant I came via Susie and reading your poem there.

  8. Qatari gal said,

    ” I find writing to be both liberating and adventurous; I express myself and discover it at the same time.” I truely relate to this part of what you said.

    I rarely find blogs wriiten by people from Qtr well done and thanks for sharing your thoughts..

  9. Josie said,

    Hi Mimi,

    I am an American citizen looking forward to moving to Doha in January to teach at Education City. As a single western woman in my late 20s, would you mind advising me about gender-related etiquette? For example, what is the appropriate greeting for a man and a woman? Should I avoid shaking hands? What about smiling politely or making polite conversation with store clerks?

    I hope these questions aren’t ignorant. I just want to be respectful and avoid offending anyone.

    Thank you,

    • mimizwords said,

      Check you email

  10. anonymous said,

    Is it possible to get a citizenship

    • mimizwords said,

      Why would you want a citizenship?
      yes you can if:

      1- you are a football player
      2- became friend with the VVIP

      but you cant get it if you have been living here for the past 100 year, or if your kids were born and raised here, non of that matters, what matters is if you can kick a ball!

  11. sajjad sheikh said,

    hahahha mimi hatts off for u…. good reply regarding citizenship
    i am still laughing.. infact i dint comment on this when i read for the first time… i logged in again just to encourage .. ur awesome..

  12. Qatari said,


    For some reason, I see you among the next year’s finalists (if there will be another round then).

  13. Bonita QTR said,

    Hahaha mimi
    I just loved your reply regarding citizenship. that’s so true. your topics are amazing.
    You are very smart mashallah.
    Good luck

  14. Seif said,

    Hi Mimi,

    What a wonderful interesting blog!
    I love it.

    Best wishes


  15. لطيفه said,

    الله معك دائما وابدا
    اشعر بالفخر لوجود فتاه خليجيه بهدا المستوى الراقي من الفكر

    اتمنى تواصلنا بشكل خاص ع ايميلي ان امكن


  16. acdc said,


    Came across your space while learning more on Qatari culture. Great writing!

    Keep your cyberpen running. =)


  17. shiningworld2010 said,

    مدونتك رئعة
    اتمنى منك الاستمرار اسلوبك جميل
    سرني كثيرا المرور على مدونتك

  18. gourmet coffee gifts said,

    I truly loved this brilliant article. Please continue this awesome work. Regards, Duyq.

  19. Tina John said,

    I really adored your thoughts and Loved your Ideas. You are really a GEM!

  20. Kirsty Rice (shamozal) said,

    Hi Mimi,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and really enjoy it, I wish you’d write more. I was looking for a particular blog that I thought you wrote but now I’m doubting myself because I can’t find it. It was regarding toilets and different habits between cultures, but I can’t find it. If it was you can you point me in the right direction?


    • mimizwords said,

      Hi Kristy

      Sorry for the late reply. As you can tell from my entries the busier I get the less time I have to write, but Inshallah all will change soon. It always makes me happy to know that there are people out-there who enjoy reading my blog. I see you have one yourself and will be visiting soon.

      You are right about the toilet article. It is called ‘A very honest question’. here is the link for it


  21. KSA.. Coffeeboy said,

    I find your blog is very inspiring .. Hats off to you .

  22. Farida said,


    really idono what to say ..when i came here to qatar and now many qatari women ,, all what they care about shopping and parties and now i found ur blog by search ,,

    u r very brave ,,, !

    i want to read every subject

    i will follow you ,,,

  23. m.altamimi said,

    It is very nice to know that open minded Qatari women are doing something. I am impressed. (from my prespective, you ladies are either rare or hard to find or maybe both).
    Stereotypes and generalizations are the biggest issues we have amongst conservitave and open minded Qataris I have met.

    There is something about openmidedness that people around me do not understand. Lots of people around me think of it as a sin and not a different way of thinking. So, when I am looking for a nice open minded Qatari lady, most people think that an open minded lady must be a sinner. I personally do not see why would anyone fail to understand that being open minded does not equal being a sinner.

    Anyhow, good luck to you and I hope that your blog participates in the adjustments that are needed in my lovely outdated culture.

    • mimizwords said,

      Thank you m.altamimi for your kind words.

  24. tia said,

    hi mimi… I saw your blog when i wanted to know about qatar more. I am new here. your blog is very interesting and i really hope to see more articles. i love to read about new cultures and people. 🙂

  25. leliaamezher said,

    Hi Mimi,

    Love your blog. Too bad you stopped writing.
    I’m a Lebanese journalist working for the Support and Development Committee of Qatar TV.
    We are currently preparing a documentary on Qatari investments in the UK. It will be mainly through the eyes of a Qatari student in London.
    Do you have any contacts their?

    Please contact me through my personal email. Thank you.


  26. slugnumber296 said,

    Hello mimi!
    I just came across your blog only recently, only to find out such a great intellect and insight coming from an insightful qatari.
    I am a pakistani national who was born n raised in the state, passed my 17 years here n still connected to it. and inspite of my utmost desire, i , for the most unfortunate reasons, could not be able to get a chance to interact with the fellow people of this state, and to know their perspectives and all.
    Our minds are mostly thrived by the general stereotypes of the qatari people, i hope you might be aware of that.
    But as this long sought after wish of getting to hear a real qatari voice, has finnally come true for me. i kind of feel overwhelmed.

    Though i’m aware you’ve stopped blogging, i will still look upon your comeback and follow your blogs.
    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts mimi.
    God bless you.

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