Great job girls

May 29, 2010 at 4:08 pm (doha events, Qatari culture, Society, women, work)

Two Qatari women working for ICT Qatar, Engineer Noura Alabdullah and Fatima Alnuaimi have created the first Qatari website for internet protection for families in Arabic

the website:

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Summer Writing Institute BQFP

May 10, 2010 at 4:15 pm (bloomsbury, doha events, writing)

The second annual Summer Writing Institute will be offered by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing will be this May 31 – June 3, 2010.

The aim of this institute is to give participants the ability to work with professional writers in a small group setting on a particular genre. Anyone who is a resident of Qatar is welcome to apply but space will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants per track.

There will be a 250 QR registration fee for students and 500 QR for non-students all who are accepted (payable on the first day, cash only).

This year we will offer five tracks:
Fiction, Personal Essay, and Poetry in English

Fiction and Personal Essay in Arabic

The workshop sessions will be held daily starting on Monday, May 31, 2010 from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

There will also be one individual meeting between the workshop leader and each participant over the course of the week (scheduled on the first day of the institute).

Please find the application for the summer institute at the following link: due on or before Monday, May 24th at 12:00 p.m. Note that all parts of the application, including writing sample, are required for a complete application

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Two BQFP events

April 21, 2010 at 8:00 pm (bloomsbury, doha events, Qatari culture, Society, writing)

Event 1

You are cordially invited to participate in an afternoon of writing offered in conjunction with the launch of the Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing offical first list of books.

We are pleased to offer a choice from either of the two sessions listed below; please note they are simultaneous workshops and therefore participants must choose to attend one.

For more information on Suad or Randa, our trainers, please consult our website under “Books” or “Authors”
Please RSVP by sending your name and preferred session to on or before Thursday, April 22, 2010 as space is limited.
All sessions will take place in the BQFP villa 3 at Qatar Foundation.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
3:00 p.m.

“Finding Your Style” writing workshop – in Arabic, led by Suad Amiry author of Sharon and My Mother in law; Nothing to Lose but Your Life

“Telling Your Story” writing workshop – in English, led by Randa Abdel-Fatteh author of Does my Head Look Big in This; Where the Streets Had a Name

5:00 p.m.         Reception for all workshop participants BQFP villa

Event 2

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Qatari Male Intern for Writing Project

March 15, 2010 at 2:31 pm (1, doha events, education, writing)

(BQFP) is considering working on a project that would give young Qatari boys the chance to develop their writing skills around the theme of ‘growing up’ or what we call coming of age stories; the ages of the boys we’d work with would be 16-17.

In conjunction with the professional writer who would conduct the workshops, we’d like to have a male Qatari intern, preferably college age or just out, who is interested in writing and would want to work on the project as a writing mentor to the boys (and provide some translation in workshops/reading material when needed). This would be for a month, likely in May, and paid.

We’re looking to collect autobiographical stories from senior Qatari high school students (approx 16-17yrs) that give a broad range of coming of age experience. The final production will depend on the range and quality of stories submitted, either a magazine, book or booklet in both English and Arabic. Stories could be submitted in Arabic or English, but we’re looking for personal point-in-time narratives rather than essays.

We would look to work with approximately five Qatari schools – two classes from each school to give ten classes in total.

Details on the Project

The programme would consist of:

* An introduction/orientation with the teachers to let them know what we’re looking for, and what we can offer the students

* An in-school workshop of an hour to an hour and a half duration where we outline what we’re looking for and I workshop writing principles with students

* An in-depth workshop for interested writers at the Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Villa (approximately 4 hours) where we focus on the elements of writing –

plot, character, dialogue etc.

* The opportunity for participants attending the in-depth workshop to e-mail stories to me for feedback and development suggestions prior to final submission

please email: Mohana

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Don’t miss this event in Doha: My Father’s House

February 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm (competition, doha events, photography, Qatari culture)

Doha 24 Feb to 16 March 2010

My Father’s House is a major new British Council photographic project that is touring the Middle East until March 2010 to ask us: How do we see where we live?

It uses architecture as a motif to explore the role and value of cultural heritage in defining cultural identity and aims to stimulate debate on the role buildings play in shaping a nation’s culture.

Activities encourage us to take a fresh look at our surroundings, the impact they have on our culture and environment and how we value our cultural heritage.

My Father’s House is part of our work to show the value of cultural relations in raising awareness, building understanding, creating opportunities and improving trust between countries of the Middle East and the UK.


A public photographic exhibition forms the centrepiece of a range of wraparound activities designed to engage a wide audience with the themes raised by My Father’s House.  The exhibition includes specially-commissioned pieces and features work by five emerging Middle East artists and three UK photographers – including winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 2007, Tim Hetherington. Exhibits include large-scale photography, audio-visual presentations and film to look at how the built environment reflects the people, the community, society and the nations of the Middle East.

The photographers are: Wed Abduljawad, Hafiz Ali, Boushra Almutawakil, Lamya Gargash, Camille Zakharia, Tim Hetherington, Tim Loveless and Hazel Thompson. Inspiration for their works comes from the oral-tradition of story-telling, cinema, households, changing landscapes, archaeological and restoration projects and the role of women in shaping their societies.


These include an online photography competition, photographic treasure hunts for families, workshops for emerging and professional photographers, artists’ talks, seminars, a regional conference, an education pack and events for schools and colleges.

Facebook group


Email :

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Dreesha: Glimpses of Qatar Book Launch

February 17, 2010 at 9:43 pm (Books, doha events, photography, Qatari culture, Society, writing)

Event: Launch of Dreesha: Glimpses of Qatar – photo essay book, the third book of the Qatar Narrative Anthology

Time: 6 pm on Friday 19/Feb/2010

Place: Virgin Megastore Villagio mall

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Razan’s Photoshop Workshop

November 25, 2009 at 8:02 pm (doha events, photography)





the location and date will be decided after EID


Photoshop Complete class or equivalent experience.

This 5-day course provides a thorough overview for users who wish to further their effectiveness on Photoshop. This class is aimed at the Photoshop users who needs to enhance their knowledge to work with web graphics and images more effectively.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: How digital images work
* About layers and tools
* Getting started
* Using the Layers panel
* Difference between Opacity and Fill
* Locking a layer (transparency, image pixels, position and the entire layer) 
* Rearranging layers
* Adding a layer mask
* White for opacity, black for transparency
* Applying a gradient to a layer
* Flattening and saving files

Lesson 2: Vector Graphics
* Understanding Vector Images
* The Pen Tool
* Vector Shapes and Masks

Lesson 3: Preparing Files for the Web
* Getting Started
* Selecting a web design workspace
* Exporting HTML and images
* Creating a web gallery
* PNGs, JPGs & GIFs- the right file type for the 
right job

Lesson 4: Slices
* Laying out a web page in Photoshop
* Layer-based slices
* Hyperlinks in Dreamweaver

Lesson 5: Layer Basics
* Understating image size and resolution
* The additive color model
* Web-safe colors
* Hexadecimal color codes 



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CNA Advanced Writing Center

October 6, 2009 at 12:47 am (doha events, writing)


Personal Interest Courses offered at the Advanced Writing Centre


Hearing Our Voices: An Introduction to Oral Storytelling  (LADIES ONLY)

Date:                                      October 10 and 24 (Saturdays)

Schedule:                             2 sessions x 3hours (11.00am-2.00pm)

Cost:                                       No fee                                                                                                                                                  

Materials needed:              No materials required

Memories of our lives should be shared and preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Through oral storytelling we have the opportunity to tell these special stories in our unique voices. Participate in this workshop to discover your own storytelling voice and to share your experiences.


Release the Writer in You!: Using a Journal as Inspiration (teen session on Sat Oct 17th  1-4pm)

Date:                                      October 12 and 14 (Monday and Wednesday)                             

Schedule:                             2 nights x 3hours (5.30-8.30pm)

Cost:                                       No fee

Materials needed:              Journal notebook and pen

Keeping a journal is a great way to relax, reflect, and discover your creative self. Join this session to (re)discover the joy of writing. A series of writing exercises and discussion will help get you started! New and experienced journal writers welcome!


Convince Me: The Art of Persuasive Writing

 Date:                                     October 19 and 21 (Monday and Wednesday)

Schedule:                             2 nights x 3hours (5.30-8.30pm)

Cost:                                       No fee

Materials needed:              Writing paper and pen or laptop

The most important step in getting others to see your point of view is getting them to listen. Explore the writing processes that will help you use thought and language to appeal to the experiences and emotions of others, and then write a convincing letter, essay, or speech.


Working Together: Communication Across Cultures

Date:                                      October 25 and 27 (Sunday and Tuesday) OR 

November 8 and 10 (Sunday and Tuesday)

Schedule:                             2 nights x 3hours (5.30-8.30pm)

Cost:                                       No fee

Materials needed:              Writing paper and pen or laptop

One of the attractions of living in Qatar is the diversity of cultures among the people who call this country home. Join this workshop to explore the skills and characteristics required to work effectively with international clients, customers and business partners, or to work inside any team, department, or organization which brings a wide range of cultural perspectives to the workplace.


Get the Edge on Admission: Writing the University Entrance Essay

Date:                                      October 26 (Monday)

Schedule:                              1 nights x 3hours (5.30-8.30pm)

Cost:                                       No fee

Materials needed:              Writing paper and pen or laptop

You’ve worked hard. You have the drive and the grades that prove you’re a good student, and you’ve chosen the university you want to attend. Help the admissions officers get to know the real you and all you have to offer by writing a killer entrance essay. This session offers tips and techniques for writing that may help make entrance to your dream school a reality. Senior high school students/parents welcome. 


Discover Your Voice: Using Language to Create Effect

Date:                                      November 2 and 4 (Monday and Wednesday)

Schedule:                              2 nights x 3hours (5.30-8.30pm)

Cost:                                       No fee

Materials needed:              Writing paper and pen or laptop

Carefully crafted writing captures the subtleties of speech and allows readers to “hear” our voices. Join this workshop to identify your own writing voices and to learn to use them to control the tone and feelings that come through to your readers. New and experienced writers welcome!


Write Me a Story!: The Short Story and You (Teen session, 14-17 on Sat Nov 14 at 1-4 pm)

Date:                                      November 9 and 11 (Monday and Wednesday)

Schedule:                             2 nights x 3hours (5.30-8.30pm)

Cost:                                       No fee

Materials needed:              Writing paper and pen or laptop

Write Me a Story! is a session for writers who want to improve their story writing ability. The session will combine discussions of the basic elements of fiction—plot, character, point of view—with short, timed writing exercises. In a positive and supportive small group environment, participants may also have the opportunity to share and critique each other’s work. New and experienced writers welcome.


**Please note that there is limited capacity for these sessions – 15 participants – and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, contact the Advanced Writing Centre directly:




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New Writing Project: Letters from Qatar

October 5, 2009 at 1:26 am (doha events, Qatari culture, writing)

From the sucess of the Qatar Narrative series, a new writing project is on the way. This time it is going to be letters from Qatar. The idea of this project was created during a previous writing workshop by its participants. My friend Linda is helping to collect the essays and this is what she wrote to us :

The letters could be letters to your mother, father, sister, brother, Government, Teacher, grandparents, step parents, enemies, friends, laborers any one you felt you needed to send a letter to. 
This was such a wonderful exercise it filled the room with such emotion, strength, knowledge, and passion. We all felt so good about these letters we thought wouldn’t it be great to have a book full of letters from different people in Qatar. Qatari’s and Ex-pats all nationalities living here in Qatar. Imagine what an interesting book. A look into so many hearts expressed through words written in letters. So
Carol and Mohana have taken the decision to go forth with this verbalized thought. We will be putting together a book called Letter from Qatar. Hopefully ready to go to publishing in the spring.
Now this is where you come in. I of course would love you to summit your letters, but I want you to pass the word to others outside our circle of writers, to join in this project of voice, this project of passion, this project of heart and of course of words. Letters can be submitted to me at, I will then pass them on to Carol and Mohana for viewing, selecting and editing.
I also need your suggestions for potential donors to fund the project. This is a new challenge for me, one that I am willing to endure but it is better as a team. If anyone knows of an institute or business that would be interested in donating educational funds towards our project please let me know. I would appreciate your help so very much. Anyone wanting to come forward and help drop me a line or a letter.. Letters for the book should be submitted during October. Thank you, I hope you will join in.


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What happened at the BQFP poetryreading Iftar

September 10, 2009 at 2:37 am (bloomsbury, doha events, poetryreading, Prose Poems)

GetAttachment.aspx (1)An unforgettable date of an unforgettable evening. 9/9/2009. This date will only happen again after a millenium. And luckly it was a great day for many people. The Iftar was a great success. It was also a celebration of the new office for Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publication. The 40 people who attended the event varried between students, teachers, writers, publishers and educators. Three local poets read their poetry in bothe arabic and english.

Abdulla Alsalem,

A poet, a short story writer and a journalist. He publishes his writing in newspapers like al Rayya, Al sharq, Al Watan and others.  He has participated in poetry festivals in Qatar and abroad. He writes different styles of poetry from classical, modern as well as the traditional Qatari poem. He has a novel underway.  Abdullah’s website

Rana Tounsi

A poet that has published 5 collections of poetry: That House From which the Music Comes (Cairo, 1999), A Rose for The Last Days (Merit, Cairo 2003),  A Country Called Desire (Merit, Cairo 2005) . A Short History (Dar Il Nahda, Lebanon 2007) and Kisses (Dar Il Nahda, Lebanon 2009)  The following poems are from the collection (Short History) published from Dar Il Nahda Lebanon

and myself

A published essayist in the Qatar Narratives series, a regular contributor to Woman Today magazine and an active blogger. She has Bachelors in political science from the UK, a researcher, and working on her first novel.

P.S: I will post the three poems I read on different post.




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