The Invisible Army

September 10, 2009 at 11:02 am (cheap labour, Ethics, Human Rights, poetryreading, Prose Poems, Qatari culture, Society, work)


The Invisible Army

They wrap their dry faces with dirty cloth

And if they are lucky, a plastic helmet


The sun is squashing them, like we squash a moth

And we leave them lying dead, burning, till we collect them at sunset.


They are canned in the bus

Then canned in their rooms


They have no expressions

They were wiped out

By the sun, by the dust, by the law, and by us


They try to run away from the burning sun

They try to remove the never ending dust

But there is nowhere to run, from the dust nor the sun


All you can see behind that never ending yellow dust

Is their broken souls, through their eyes, looking at the shiny cars


 They are not as human as we are

For they are nothing but workers

We don’t want them in our shopping malls

For they are polluters


We choose not to see them

We choose to forget about them


This invisible army that builds our country

Remains invisible behind the never ending yellow dust and bright burning sun



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لو كنت رجلاً … If I were a man

September 10, 2009 at 10:50 am (gender discrimination, poetryreading, Prose Poems, Society, women)

لو كنت رجلاً


لو كنت رجلاً, لسمح لي المجتمع أن أقع في الحب لأن ذلك في نظر المجتمع سيكون رائعاً

لو كنت رجلا, لسمح لي المجتمع أن أتزوج أي فتاه, من أي عرق و أي ديانة

لو كنت رجلاَ, لسمح لي المجتمع أن أتحكم بزوجتي, بلبسها, بخروجها, حتى بأحلامها و أفكارها   

لو كنت رجلاً و طلقت زوجتي, لأشفق علي المجتمع و ذهب يركض يبحث لي عن زوجة أخرى لأن سعادتي مهمة

لو كنت رجلاً, لسمح لي المجتمع أن ارتدي ما أريد, وقتما أريد

لو كنت رجلاً,لما احتجت لإذن لأخرج و أسافر و أدرس و أعمل و أتنفس  

لو كنت رجلاً, لسمح لي المجتمع بالاستمتاع بقدر ما أشاء من النساء, قبل الزواج و بعده

لو كنت رجلاً يفعل الفحشاء, لبحث مجتمعي لي عن أعذار لارتكب مزيداً منها

لو كنت رجلاً سيء السمعة, لقال مجتمعي, شاب طائش, يتزوج غداً و يهتدي

لو كنت رجلاً, لكان راتبي أكثر فقط لأنني رجل

لو كنت رجلاً, و أكملت دراستي في الخارج, ففي عين مجتمعي أنا عبقري

لو كنت رجلاً, و أخطأت في العمل, لألقى مجتمعي الخطأ على الظروف

لو كنت رجلاً, لكنت مثالياً في عين مجتمعي

و لا يعيبني, سوى حجم محفظتي


و لكنني امرأة


ولكنني امرأة  يجب أن اختفي و راء الأغطية و إلا كنت بائعة هوى

و لكنني امرأة يعتقد مجتمعي أنني مخلوق بلا قلب فممنوع عليه الحب

و لكنني امرأة مرتبط شرفي لا بأخلاقي, و لكن بغشائي

و لكنني امرأة, شيء من ممتلكات أبي, ثم أخي ثم زوجي

و لكنني امرأة, و يجب أن أضحي بتاريخي, بأحلامي لأنها ليست من حقي, بل من حق من يمتلك جسدي

و لكنني امرأة و إذا تم اغتصابي أو اغتصاب حقي, فإنه بسبب فتنتي و غبائي

و لكنني امرأة و يجب أن اعمل ضعف الرجل, كي أكون كفأ

و لكنني امرأه و لو أخطأت في العمل, فذلك لأنني بكل بساطة امرأة  

ولكنني امرأة و لو درست بالخارج لاتهمت بكوني متفتحة و غير صالحة للزواج

و لكنني امرأة و على مجتمعي فإني عبئ

و لكنني امرأة و على مجتمعي فإني خطأ يجب أن يصحح

و لكنني امرأة و يجب أن تراقب أفعالي, في حين أرتكب فضيحة أكبر من فضيحة وجودي


If I were a man


If I were a man, I can fall in love and society would think its adorable

If I were a man, I can marry any girl from any race or religion

If I were a man, society wont question me if I controlled my wife’s life, thoughts and dreams

If I were a man and divorced my wife, society would pity me and rush to find me a new one to make me happy.

If I were a man, I can wear whatever I want whenever I want

If I were a man, I don’t need to have a permission to travel, to go out, to study to work or to breath

If I were a man, I can go out with as many women as I want, before and after marriage

If I were a man and I sinned, society would find excuses for my sins, and so I can sin even more

If I were a man with bad reputation, my society would say “young and foolish, he will grow up and get married tomorrow, let him have fun”

If I were a man, I will have a bigger salary, just for being a man

If I were a man who studied abroad, in my society I will be a genius

If I were a man and made a mistake at work, society will blame it on the circumstances

If I were a man, I am perfect in the eye of my society

Nothing would be wrong with me

Except the size of my wallet


But I am a woman

I am a woman and I must hide behind covers or I will be …

I am a woman, and my society believes I am a heartless creature that is forbidden to love

I am a woman and my honor is not related to my morals but to my membrane 

I am a woman, and I am an object of property, to my father, to my brother then to my husband

I am a woman and I must sacrifice my history, my dreams, because they are not my rights, but they are the rights of who ever owns my body

I am a woman, and if I or my rights are raped, it is because of my seductive beauty and stupidity

I am a woman and I must work twice as hard to prove myself

I am a woman and if I erred at work it is because I am simply a woman

I am a woman and if I studied abroad I will be too exposed and not suitable for marriage

I am a woman and on my society I am a burden

I am a woman and for my society I am a mistake that should be corrected

I am a woman and I should be watched in case I commit a bigger scandal, a bigger mistake than my own existence.

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قصائد الحب Love Poems

September 10, 2009 at 2:49 am (poetryreading, Prose Poems, writing)

قصائد الحب

يسمعني قصائده في الحب .. يقول لي كم يحب و كم يعشق

يخبرني عن الم شوقة و فراقة..

كيف يحب .. كيف يعتصر اضلعي في حضنه

عن قصه غرامه و اماله

كيف يذوب في انفاسي .. و يمسح دمعتي

كيف يصحى و ينام على همسي


تلك القصائد التي خرقت قلبي

تمنيتها عني

تمنيت لو تعرف عن ما بداخلي

عن ما افعله كل يوم في خفاء بعيدا عن الاعيني

ارش عطرك على منديلي .. اخبئه في حقيبتي

اخرجه كل دقيقتيني .. اشمه كالمدمني

اغمض عيني .. اتخيلك بجانبي .. تلعب بشعري .. و تقبل شفتي

تنظر الى عيني .. و تقترب مني .. احس بانفاسك على وجهي


قصائدك اعيشها كل يوم وحدي

فانت دائما بين اضلعي .. و انا لا انام و لا اصحى إلا على همسك

اضع المنديل بجانبي ليكون عطرك

 اخر شيء في بالي و اول شيء في يومي

و اذا استيقظت و كان المنديل ضائعا بين الشراشفي .. تصيبني حالة جنون و انا ابحث عنه

لكي يكون عطرك اول ما استنشقه ..و اتخيلك بجانبي


امسك بهاتفي انتظر مكالمه منك في الصباح الباكري

ابقى في غرفتي

كي لا اسمع صوت شخص قبلك حتى ولو كانت امي

و في الليل افتح مذكرتي .. لازيد سطور شعوري

شعوري الذي سيبقى في السطور

سطوري عن احلامي معك .. عنك و عن حبي

الذي سيبقى سجين مذكرتي


انا بدون حب لست لوحدي .. و لكنني بدون حبك يتيمه.. كالطفل المعذبي ..


Love poems


He recites his poems of love and lust

He tell me how much he suffers from the longing and the depart

He tells me how he loves, how he squeeze me into his ribs near his heart

He tells me about his love stories, about his dreams

How he melts in my breaths

How he wipes my tears

How he wakes up and sleeps on my whispers


Those poems that have ripped my heart

I wished they were about me

I wished that you knew of the pain inside me

Of what I do in secret away from everyone’s judgment  

I spray your perfume on my handkerchief and hide it near my heart

I take it out every two minutes and smell it like an addict

I close my eyes; imagine you next to me, playing with my hair and kissing my lips

You look into my eyes and come closer till you are breathing me


Your poems, I live them every day alone in secret

For you are always in between my ribs near my heart

And I only sleep and wakeup on your whispers

I put the handkerchief next to my head so that your sweet fragrance is the last and first thing in my day  

And if I ever wakeup

And find the handkerchief lost between my wild bed sheets

Madness gets hold of me, till I find it


I hold my phone and wait for your phone call early in the morning

I stay in my room so that I don’t hear anyone’s voice but you

Even if it was my mother’s

And at night

 I open my diary

To add more lines about my feelings

My feelings that are imprisoned between the lines

The lines about my dreams with you about my love

My love that will be the prisoner of my diary


Without love, I am not alone, but without your love I am an orphan.

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What happened at the BQFP poetryreading Iftar

September 10, 2009 at 2:37 am (bloomsbury, doha events, poetryreading, Prose Poems)

GetAttachment.aspx (1)An unforgettable date of an unforgettable evening. 9/9/2009. This date will only happen again after a millenium. And luckly it was a great day for many people. The Iftar was a great success. It was also a celebration of the new office for Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publication. The 40 people who attended the event varried between students, teachers, writers, publishers and educators. Three local poets read their poetry in bothe arabic and english.

Abdulla Alsalem,

A poet, a short story writer and a journalist. He publishes his writing in newspapers like al Rayya, Al sharq, Al Watan and others.  He has participated in poetry festivals in Qatar and abroad. He writes different styles of poetry from classical, modern as well as the traditional Qatari poem. He has a novel underway.  Abdullah’s website

Rana Tounsi

A poet that has published 5 collections of poetry: That House From which the Music Comes (Cairo, 1999), A Rose for The Last Days (Merit, Cairo 2003),  A Country Called Desire (Merit, Cairo 2005) . A Short History (Dar Il Nahda, Lebanon 2007) and Kisses (Dar Il Nahda, Lebanon 2009)  The following poems are from the collection (Short History) published from Dar Il Nahda Lebanon

and myself

A published essayist in the Qatar Narratives series, a regular contributor to Woman Today magazine and an active blogger. She has Bachelors in political science from the UK, a researcher, and working on her first novel.

P.S: I will post the three poems I read on different post.




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BQFP Poet Iftar

September 7, 2009 at 9:53 am (bloomsbury, doha events, poetryreading)



Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing cordially invites you to share Iftar featuring poetryreading  on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.

The iftar will be held at the BQFP villa, number 3 on the Qatar
Foundation premises (behind the RAND and FITCH offices, across from the LAS building).

Please RSVP by September 7, 2009 via email to


There are going to be few local poets reading their poems in English and Arabic, If you are a poet, or know one and would like to participate, please contact:

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